3 Amazing Earphones You Probably Haven't Heard Of...


When it comes to earphones, most people these days think of ‘Beats’ immediately. Impulsively even, which is testament to either a great product, or an even better marketing strategy, but who do you go to if you’re not a Beats kinda’ guy? Today, we've decided to shed the limelight on those other brands, which, for whatever reason or other, have been somewhat overshadowed...until now!

We’re big fans of the ol' earphones here at Be An Athlete - music is a great motivator when it comes to exercise; it adds a rhythm to your movements, can distract your mind from any discomforts, and can provide a much needed adrenaline boost when you need it most – which is why we’ve included an integrated mp3 player compartment and hidden headphone eyelet in all our hoodies. But if you’re going to wear premium sportswear, then really, you need a pair of premium earphones to match, which is where the next three models come into play...

Creative ‘Aurvana’ In-Ear 2 Plus


The latest release from Creative, the Aurvanas feature their new AuraSeal, which promises to block out 95% of ambient noise. That means from now on, you only need to listen to 5% of the grunts and moans that guy in the gym makes!

The ergonomically contoured eartips ensure prolonged comfort, so you can wear them to the gym, during the gym, and on the way back from the gym, without once experiencing any irritation that so many other models seem to cause after an hour or so. And let's just take a moment to admire those external acoustic grills, which not only look amazing, but help to provide an excellent sound along with an absolutely thumping baseline.

Denon Exercise Freak AH-W159


As the name suggests, the Denon AH-W159s are for the true 'exercise freak.' Not only wireless. waterproof, and complete with a reflective back band that makes them ideal for late night runs, they also come with a Denon smartphone app. It tracks your outdoor activities, includes a digital journal whereby you can store and monitor your fitness journey, and also gives you access to an online community populated by fellow...exercise freaks.

Jabra Sport+ Wireless


Built to withstand rain, shock, sand and dust in accordance to US Military Standards, you just know these boys mean business. They also feature a lock-in design, with a choice of seven ear gels, to ensure that once these earphones are in, they stay in, which is a crucial feature considering they’re also wireless.

The Jabra Sport+ also have a built-in FM radio, perfect for all those time you’ve forgotten your MP3 player, and you can even answer your phone through them, meaning you don’t have to fiddle about in a mad panic whenever your phone rings. Oh, and you also receive three free months of Endomondo, a personal trainer fitness app. Yessir, these are built for the fitness enthusiasts who wants a pair of earphones ready to work as hard as they do. If not harder.

So, how do the three pairs above sound to you? Let us know in the comment box below, and if the thought of integrated MP3 player storage piqued your interest, check out the Be An Athlete Hoodie range here

Title image courtesy of Jabra



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