Allow us to Introduce...Nobody’s Child!

Welcome back! We’ve had a short break since our last post on here, but fear not - we haven’t been sitting back, resting on our laurels. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite, as we’ve been busy helping the launch of our new sister company – Nobody’s Child – and it’s high time we introduced you!

‘Fast fashion with a conscience’ is the ethos behind the London-based womenswear brand, which is sort of a contradictory statement, as until now, the notion of ‘fast fashion’ hasn't often been associated with ethical manufacturing. But then again, Nobody’s Child has been ten years in development!

But how's it any different?

Well, Nobody’s Child is what’s known as a vertically integrated manufacturer, and owns the majority of its supply chain; they knit and dye fabrics in their own facilities, produce the garments in their own factories, and distribute through their own fulfilment distribution centre. By having full control of their supply chain, this allows them to monitor all activity and comply with their ethical obligations. It also means the clothes are made to a high quality, but kept at a low price point. Win,!

So, what's exactly on offer?

While we at Be An Athlete have your fitness fashion needs covered (especially with the new range about to hit...but more on that soon), we’ve never really catered for your non-fitness fashion needs, which is where Nobody’s Child comes in. From crop tops, to evening dresses, to seventies inspired jumpsuits, if it’s on trend, you can pretty much bet your bottom dollar Nodody’s Child will have it, and it will almost certainly be better quality and lower priced than their competitors.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the website now, or pop over to the NC magazine for all manner of fashion, style and beauty tips, and as always, let us know what you think in the comment box below. 


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