Activbod - A New Skincare Range Built for Athletes

Activbod is the latest innovation in the world of body and skin care,  but in a cosmetic's aisle already completely saturated, with products for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, bearded skin, and surprisingly enough, even normal skin, how is it any different from the huge range of products already available?

So, what is it?

Activbod is developed by athletes for athletes, with endorsements from some of the world’s leading sports professionals, including Rachel Atherton, Sophie Coombs, Clarissa Goodwin, Rhea Gayle and Natalie Lowe. In fact, activbod is Britain’s very first skin and body care range which has been specifically designed for an active lifestyle.

But how’s it different?

The range incorporates warming, cooling and skin protecting ingredients, which activate at different points during your workout, in order to maximise the efficiency of your body.

Exercise and sweating brings toxins to the skin’s surface, and can also affect pH balance. Activbod contains ingredients to realign this affect, and ensures your workout isn’t benefiting your body at the detriment of your skin.

It goes without saying, but people who lead an active lifestyle not only sweat more than those who don’t, which can lead to blocked pores, but also put their skin through a more demanding lifestyle. This being the case; are you sure your current cleaning regime is up to the challenge?

If not, allow us to present....the solution:

The activebod Range

Before your workout....

Mind Over Matter Balm

Mind Over Matter is a portable aroma balm, made from a blend of rosemary, peppermint and bergamot essential oils. When rolled over your pressure points, including the wrist, temples and neck, it helps to focus the mind, stimulate your body, and clear your respiratory tract.

Turn Up the Heat Roller Gel

By massaging the Turn Up The Heat Roller into your muscles pre-workout, the warming fusion of ginger, rosemary and vanillyl helps to activate and prepare your body for the upcoming surge of activity.

After your workout....

Pick Me Up Scrub

The Pick Me Up Scrub is a deep cleansing body polish to scrub away dirt, cleanse pores and stimulate the skin. Salaclyic acid and green tea help to refresh your body, whilst micro-scrubbing particles work to cleanse pores that become clogged during exercise.

Feel Great Shower Concentrate

An energising blend of sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil, the Feel Great Shower Concentrate helps to cleanse and nourish the skin, following a build up of sweat after your workout, whilst a stimulating fragrance of pepper, eucalyptus and lemon fragrance restores your body and mind.

Game Changer Face Scrub

This dual action face scrub contains bio-available vitamin E, to help reduce post-exercise redness, micro-scrubbing particles, to cleanse and reduce pores, and a cooling menthol agent to deliver a soothing sensation to the skin.

Cooling Finish Lotion

Finish off your exercise regime with this non-sticky body lotion, containing menthol to cool down the the skin, a naturally derived deodorising ingredient, vitamin E acetate and allantoin to moisture and repair dry skin, plus an energising pepper, eucalyptus and lemon fragrance to reinvigorate the body and mind.

Now that you’re feeling soothed, cooled, and reinvigorated, it’s time to slip into your Be An Athlete tracksuit, and leave the gym feeling like an absolute boss. For more information on activbod's amazing range, check out their official website here, and as always, let us know what you think of this new skincare development in the comment box below...


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