The 'Powerhouse' Breakfast Recipe – Baked Eggs and Avocado

‘Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ How many times have you heard that old chestnut? Countless, we imagine, and yet people continue to return to their trusty old bowl of cereal. Whether that’s because of habit, convenience, or perhaps even tradition, the truth is most cereals contain very little nutritional value, in fact, as the age-old joke goes, you’d probably be better off eating the cardboard box!  As such, today we thought we’d share a ridiculously easy, yet highly nutritious breakfast recipe, to ensure you’re getting the absolute best start to your day!

If you haven’t already gathered the courage to consult that little nutritional information table on the side of your cereal box, you might be surprised to learn that many of the well known brands contain as much, if not more sugar than your average desert. This early morning overdose of sugar will cause your blood sugar levels to spike, but once they dip again, you’ll be prematurely craving something to eat before lunch.

Instead, the following breakfast recipe is not only dead simply to prepare, but will provide a high dosage of protein, keeping you fuller for longer, as well as a healthy dose of vitamin A, D, C and B6. It’s also incredibly instagrammable, and as we know, unless everyone else knows about your highly nutritious breakfast, then it didn’t really count anyway...


1 avocado
2 eggs
Salt and pepper for seasoning


1. Preheat oven to 220 degrees c

2. Cut avocado in half and remove stone

3. Depending on the size of the stone, you might need to scoop out a larger hole in order to fully accommodate the egg

4. Crack each egg into an avocado half, attempting to get the yolk in first if possible

5. Put the avocados into some sort of ramekin and place in the oven

6. Cook for approximate 15-20 minutes, until the egg is to your liking

7. Season with a little salt and pepper, or perhaps some chilli sauce, and enjoy!

As always, let us know what you make of our delicious breakfast recipe in the comment box below, and if you think you can beat it, then why not jot down your own recipe as well!


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