5 New Snacks that are Far Healthier than You'd Think!

Last week, we shared the four drinks you need in your body this September. From birch tree water to liquidated breakfast cereals, you should be better quenched than a blue whale by now, but why should your bladder get all the fun? It seems only fair that we satisfy your stomach, too, which is why we’re now sharing a selection of the latest snacks to hit the confectionery aisle, which, as well as being incredibly moorish, are actually a lot healthier than you'd think!

Selwyn’s Seaweed Snack

Because seaweed has had to adapt to some of the most diverse and uninhabited climates in the world i.e. the bottom of the ocean, it’s developed unique properties that just so happen to be really good for us. As these areas are also unfarmed, they are still nutritionally rich, which is another reason behind seaweed's vitamin-dense structure; it’s high in fibre, calcium, protein, and minerals, and also contains a source of iodine.

Fortunately, the guys at Selwyn's have saved you a trip to Davey Jones' locker; the brand's new seaweed snack is available in three delicious flavours and is less than 15 calories a bag!

Pana Chocolate

Whilst chocolate might not be the healthiest choice of snack, sometimes only chocolate will do, and when that’s the case, this is the chocolate you need to be eating!

It’s gluten, dairy, soy and preservative free, which would usually mean the packaging's tastier than the treat itself, but in this case things couldn’t be further from the truth. The chocolate is made from handpicked Bolivian cacao pods, meaning not only is it absolutely delicious, but also choc full of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. And with flavours including ‘fig and wild orange’ and ‘coconut and goji berry,’ your taste buds, as well as your body, are in for a treat!

Grenade Carb Killa Bars

We’ve come to accept that protein bars don’t quite taste like normal chocolate bars. There's a powdery after-taste, and that's just how it is. It’s a fact of life, as widely accepted as gravity, but not any more...! We’ve sampled our fair share of protein bars at BAA HQ, and it’s fair to say that none have more closely resembled your average non-protein confection than this.

Just how Grenade have achieved this is beyond us, considering each bar contains a whopping 23g of protein and yet just 1.4g of sugar. The ‘Cookies & Cream’ flavour simply defies all logic.

Cruga Biltong

Bilton is a South African delicacy whereby prime lean beef has been marinated, air dried and sliced. Due to its popularity, Cruga has now brought it over here, in the form of delicious 25g pouches, each of which contain approximately 1g fat, 13g of protein and a mere 64 calories. In comparison, your average bag of salt & vinegar crisps contain almost three times the calories, four times the fat and almost no protein. It almost makes you want to re-evaluate your entire life...

The Primal Pantry Bar

‘In the same way as you wouldn’t run a Ferrari on dirty cheap petrol, you don’t want to use low quality synthetic sports nutrition products to fuel your body.’ This is the mantra behind the Primal ‘Raw Fuel’ Bar, which is why they’ve only used high quality natural ingredients, all of which have been cold pressed to retain their nutrient density. In addition, the brand have omitted absolutely any additives, preservatives, colours or artificial flavourings.

The bars are an excellent, clean source of energy, which helps fuel exercise and aids with muscle recovery, and they also happen to taste absolutely delicious, too. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself living at the gym, purely so you have an excuse to tear open yet another bar!

Salivating at the mouth? ...or at least feeling slightly more peckish than you were at the beginning or this article? If not, we want to hear why not! Simply drop us a line in the comment box below with your take on our killer snack selection.


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