7 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Boosting your metabolism is a great way to either lose weight or maintain your current figure, but why does this work and how do you achieve it? Well, your metabolism is the enzyme-catalysed reaction in your digestive system – in other words, the rate at which your body burns fat! So by revving up the rate of this process, you can effectively burn an additional 500 calories every day, before you even step foot in the gym.

Here are 7 relatively small lifestyle changes that will help supercharge your metabolism!

Kick-start  your Metabolism with a High Performance Breakfast

First things first – eat breakfast! It's called breakfast for a reason; you break the fast from the night. Otherwise your metabolism will panic and slow to a snail's pace in order to conserve energy. As they say, eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at noon, and a peasant at dinner. But even a 250 calorie snack in the morning will fire-up the pistons of your internal engine.

Keep your Metabolism Fueled throughout the Day

It might sound counterproductive, but make sure you eat regularly throughout the day. Either split your traditional three square meals up into more regular smaller portions, or snack on items high in protein such as almond nuts throughout the day.

Pump up the Action with a Caffeine Injection

Caffeine has always received a bad rep, but recently researchers have discovered more and more positive reasons to drink coffee. One cup can help stimulate your central nervous system by increasing your heart rate and breathing, which in turn speeds up the metabolic rate.

A Metabolic Shock with Ice Cold Water

However, this doesn't mean you can indulge in your caffeine addiction to your heart's content, as your heart won't stay content for long. Experts suggest 3-5 cups a day maximum. Intersperse the hot drinks with ice cold water, as your body will have to burn calories heating it up to maintain your core temperature.

Superfoods for a Supercharged Metabolism

Chromium is a chemical element that boosts the way you burn fat. Found in tomatoes, meat, eggs, apples, green peppers, bananas and spinach, by adding any of these ingredients to your meal you'll pump up your metabolic rate.

Spice up your Life to Sweat it Out

Buy a spice rack. The simple act of purchasing a spice rack alone obviously won't affect your metabolism (unless you run to the shop), but by introducing spice to your recipes, ingredients such as cinnamon can significantly increase your metabolism.

The Light at the End

Nothing too difficult so far, and this last step is even easier – soak up some sun! Those rays of sunshine will not only provide a healthy dose of vitamin d, but will also improve bone and muscles strength, and increase your metabolism. But remember to wear a decent sun tan lotion!

So that's it – breakfast, snacks, coffee and sunshine! Sounds pretty good, right? Let us know your own tips, and whether you try any of the above.

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