The London River Rat Race

On the 16th August, a 10km assault course known as the London River Rat Race will be hitting the city’s docklands. Featuring plunge pools, pontoons, parkours and numerous other aquatic based obstacles, it’s guaranteed to be one adrenaline pumping, white-knuckle ride. But have you got what it takes?

Kicking things off with a 20ft dock jump, this is a race that certainly lives up the age old expression ‘go hard or go home.’ And things don’t get any easier. Contestants are each given their own personalised, special edition tee to wear on the day, though whether it survives intact or not is extremely debatable.

With a 50ft waterslide also on the itinerary, the temperature of the river really will be the last of your problems. One particular stretch even has you jumping into a kayak. Though as it ducks and dives around some of London’s most prestigious sights, they’ll be little time to admire the view, assuming you’re still afloat...

The event has been organised by a group called Rat Race, who were behind the Men’s Health ‘Survival of the Fittest’ campaign. Considering how successful that urban assault course proved to be, one can only imagine the thrills and spills on offer when you throw in the might of the Thames. And with £10 of every entry going towards the housing charity Shelter, it all for a good cause, too!

With the option of entering on your own, or as part of a group, the London River Rat Race could certainly be the perfect team building exercise, and one hell of a memorable 'stag do'. So if you and your friends are ready to swim, crawl, climb, brawl, row and generally battle your way through a barrage of watery tortures, sign up on the official website now. And with our Premium Tracksuit Bottoms and Hoody below, you'll have something incredibly warm and comfortable to slip into once you pass the finish line!

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