7 Luxe Trainers for Slip-on Sophistication

Hurricane Bertha may have hit the UK like a hammer over the weekend, but as we wave a fond farewell to the high spirited lass, there’s plenty of summer remaining. And just to help lure the sun out again, we’ve picked out 7 of the most vibrant and fun sports luxe trainers available this season.

So whether you’re heading to the gym in your favourite Be An Athlete leggings, or want something ultra stylish and comfortable for that Saturday dash down Oxford Street, these are the definitive luxe sneakers for slip-on sophistication...

1. Leather, Suede and Mesh Sneakers , Karl Largerfeld £250

The creative mastermind behind two major fashion houses, Chanel and Fendi, one can only imagine what Karl Lagerfeld keeps back for his own brand, and these vibrant trainers hint at just that! A cool blend of blue, yellow and baby-pink, they’d look great with our cropped grey shorts.

2. Low Top Trainers, Guiseppe Zanotti Design £430

Finished in calfskin, with a metal tongue, and side zips for effortless slipping-on and slipping-off, these yellow Guiseppe trainers are the ultimate in luxury.

3. Shadow Original Sneakers, Saucony £96

Despite the name, you’ll never live a day in the shadow when wearing these sophisticated sneakers from Saucony. A rich blend of purple and black, this is sports luxe at its very finest.

4. Sneakers, Hogan £280

In addition to the suede panelling and an ultra-light maxi outsole, the python-effect, patent leather detailing will guarantee envy from everyone you know.

5. Panelled Leather Sneakers, Pierre Hardy £335

With chic, block colour panels, and pastel shades of purple and yellow, Pierre Hardy’s leather sneakers embody the top catwalk trends of 2014.

6. Neon Leather Low Top Sneaker, Gucci £410

This season is all about ‘pops’ of bright colour, and these luminous sneakers from Gucci couldn’t be more popping if they tried. Match them with our pink neon leggings, and you’ll look positively electric!

7. Hendrix Trainer, Ash £155

A mishmash of prints, coupled with streaks of black and bright pink, these trainers shouldn’t work but somehow they most definitely do. This daring design certainly lives up to the high energy performances of the late musician, himself.

Tweet us your summer sneakers of choice @BAAApparel, and let us know in the comment box what you think of our selection above. Whatever your favourite, we rather think our Be An Athlete shorts and leggings below will look great with any of them for a very much en trend, sports luxe style.

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