The 5 Best Fitness Apps You Must Download Today

Following on from last week, when the new Iphone 6 was finally unleashed on the public, and Sports Luxe continued to dominate SS15 trends at London Fashion Week, it seems fitness apps have never been so popular. But with so many different applications available, it can feel like a full workout just trawling through them. Luckily, we’ve selected a few of the best ones for you, so all that’s left to do now is the exercise itself. Easy!

1. Speed Up: Pace Trainer - £0.69

Music is a great fitness motivator. Not only can it provide a sense of rhythm to your movement, but can also distract your mind from the muscle burn, in addition to empowering your overall mentality. This app fully taps into this fact, but definitely favours ‘stick’ over ‘carrot’ when it comes to getting you fit.

If you stop running, your music stops playing, and believe us, it’s a pretty awkward moment when this happens, especially mid power ballad. Can you imagine if Rocky Balboa had suddenly paused for a quick break halfway up those steps, and that famous training soundtrack, Bill Conti’s ‘Gonna Fly Now,’ had just...stopped? No, we can’t imagine it either, so keep running!

The app also monitors your pace via gps tracking. By setting a desired speed before your run, the app will immediately notify you if you start to slow down, or aren’t quite hitting the stride you need to in order to hit your goal. In this way, it’s an extremely effective tool to track progression, and beat that all important PB.

2. Zombies, Run! - £2.49

If you thought music was a good way to keep you running, just imagine how effective the groans of flesh eating zombies might be...

Co-created by the award winning novelist, Naomi Alderman, ‘Zombies, Run!’ is a fully immersive experience that gets the heart pumping and the legs racing. A real-time audio adventure is delivered straight through your headphones, in the form of radio broadcasts, voice recordings and sound effects. This truly is a fitness app with a difference, and is perfect for those that find traditional exercise a little mundane. You’re even encouraged to collect supplies mid-route. So if the fight for the survival doesn’t encourage you to get fit, nothing will.

3. My Fitness Pal – Free

With a database containing the calorific profile of over 4 million foods, My Fitness Pal helps to monitor your diet throughout the day. With something like a banana, you can obviously just type this into its powerful search engine, but if you’re having something slightly more complicated for lunch, you can simply scan the barcode in!

It even calculates how many calories you will have burnt doing a particular exercise for a certain amount of time. Don’t be surprised if that Mars Bar isn’t burnt off quite as quickly as you were expecting though!

So now you really can judge your calorie deficit going forward and really know when it’s time to go hard...or go home.

4. Gympact – Free

Hitting you wear it hurts – your wallet – ‘Gympact’ is the ultimate fitness incentive. Basically, if you go to the gym you’re rewarded with cold hard cash, but if you skip the session, you’ll pay...quite literally.

The app utilises a gps tracking device to check whether you’re really at the gym, and then employs other uses to confirm the legitimacy of your healthy meal photo submissions, so there really is no room for cheats (or cheat days!).

5. HealthKit – Free

Unlike the latest U2 album, Healthkit is a welcome freebie with the new apple operating system, iOS 8. It feeds into all your other health and fitness apps in order to provide you with an easy-to-read dashboard containing all of your data.

Whether it’s your heart rate, calorie count, blood sugar level, or cholesterol, HrealthKit ties all the figures together to give you an overview of your health. It even gives you the option of automatically contacting your doctor if your blood pressure gets too low.

So now that you basically have your own pocket-sized, personal fitness instructor, who’s on call 24/7, there really is no excuse skipping a workout, even if you can’t quite make it to the gym. And once you've made the transition from apps to abs, show them off with the new range of shape enhancing, Be An Athlete T-Shirts.

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  1. Great post mate! I really enjoyed reading these five best fitness apps reviews. All the details are truly informative. I've used the HealthKit for six months and it was great & motivational app. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for the great feedback, Martin - always appreciated! #BeAnAthlete

  2. Thanks for 5 best fitness app sharing.It's also comprises me a lot of useful facts.Here you get more relative fitness information if you have time please go workout gear.



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