5 Men’s Fashion Trainers to Run Away with this Autumn

In recent years, trainers have enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance in the fashion world, with the rubberised, colourful footwear being worn alongside every style of outfit thinkable. The morning walk to work is altogether a more vibrant experience now, not to mention safer, as stiletto heels and heavy brogues have been replaced in favour of the cushioned sports shoe. And while this return to form spells disaster for the future of chiropractors, fitness enthusiasts across the country are relishing the opportunity to wear trainers not only to the office, but everywhere else, too.

To that effect, we’ve selected five of the best men’s fashion trainers from this season, as let’s face, while it might be fashionable to wear sneakers with your suit, they’re still going to look their best when worn with your favourite Be An Athlete sportswear!

AMI Alexandre Mattiussi Panelled Sneakers

With Scotland having voted no on the referendum, and the Union Jack remaining very much united, the AMI Alexandre Mattiussi sneakers couldn’t be more on trend right now with their red, white, and blue colour code. These are perfect for those looking to add a little pop of colour to their wardrobe, without resorting to anything too garish.

Available from Farfetch

Nike Air Max 1 Essential

For those of you who aren’t after quite ready to rock a multicoloured, fluorescent pair of trainers, this subtle shade of ‘armoury slate navy’ is perfect to wear with either a pair of jeans, or even better, the Be An Athlete Grey Classic Bottoms. Featuring a thick white foam sole, and the trademark bubble, the Nike Air Max Essentials 1 are also incredibly comfortable!

Available from Mainline Menswear

Our Legacy Runner Suede and Leather Sneakers

Channelling the current trend for sports luxe, these monochromatic sneakers from Our Legacy offer a sophisticated solution to activewear. With built in technical mesh panels for improved breathability, and a thick rubberised sole, they not only look great but are built to perform, too.

Available from Mr Porter

Valentino Rockstud Leather and Suede Sneakers

The epitome of trainers with attitude, these bad boys look positively dangerous. Made in Italy from 100% calf leather, these shoes could be worn with practically anything and you’d still look like a right...stud.

Available from Luis Avia Roma

Y3 Sprint Trainers Black

Black, white and burgundy – a classic colour combination, if we do say so ourselves. These Y3 Sprint Trainers are the love child of an Addidas and Yohji Yamamoto partnership, and manages to fuse the athletic prowess of the former with the high-fashion aesthetics of the latter.

Available from Mainline Menswear

From the gym to the coffee shop, to the club, these five trainers will look good anywhere, and while they continue to stamp all over the competition in terms of style stakes, why not treat your feet to a little comfort.

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