5 Things Successful People do in the Morning

A strong foundation is absolutely vital for any sort of success, whether you're building a house, or applying your make-up (!?),  so why should your day be any different? It stands to reason that a successful day stems from a successful morning, whatever it is you’re planning to achieve. To that effect, we’ve put together 5 things successful people all seem to do before before 9am, to ensure you can achieve the absolute best day possible. 

1. Rise early to get ahead of your day

Seems pretty obvious. The earlier you rise, the earlier you can start your day, and the more productive it will turn out to be. As the clock nears nine, it becomes far more likely that you’ll start receiving calls from colleagues and the like, each with something to contribute to your ‘to-do’ list and, subsequently, delaying your original plan of action. Get up early, and get it done.

2. Exercise for a ‘feel good’ buzz

Exercise is obviously worthwhile at any time of day, but the later you arrange your workout for, the more likely it is that you’ll find reason to skip it. An early fitness routine, whether it’s a run or a gym sesh, will not only help to energise you, but will also give you a great period of time to reflect on the day ahead. And, as you all know, exercise also releases endorphins, so make the most of this natural ‘feel good’ buzz!

3. Catch up on the news to remain insightful

Studies show that most successful people have a strong awareness of current events, particularly relevant industry news that could potentially affect them. Who knows? Become successful enough, and perhaps one day it will be your name hitting the headlines!

4. Strategise your day for a clear plan of action

The physical act of writing your day’s ‘plan of action’ down has been scientifically linked to your chances of achieving it. This way, you can also organize it in order of importance, and cross each off as and when you do them. Pen and paper? Around £5. That feeling of achievement? Priceless.

5. Eat Breakfast to supercharge your body

We cannot stress this one enough. Fitness enthusiasts live by the mantra; eat like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch, and a pauper at dinner, but this arrangement is beneficial regardless. Not only will it kickstart your metabolism, but you also won't spend half the morning thinking about lunchtime. You can apply 100% of your attention to that all important spreadsheet. Check out our previous blog, where we shared 7 breakfasts to supercharge your day, to really get ahead of the game.

Know about any morning game changers yourself? Share it in the comment box below, or let us know if perhaps you’re already using one of the 5 tips above. And just to give you an extra helping hand, wear one of our Be An Athlete hoodies on your journey into work, and you’ll want to start going in at the weekend, too!

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