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Earlier this week, we shared with you a sneak peak of our recent photoshoots in the lead-up to the launch of our exciting new website. But as amazing as these shots look, we’re looking to do something completely radical, too. We want to feature your very own instagram selfies as well!

@Runellie1 in the Be An Athlete Classic Vest

For the last year, you guys have been tweeting us your shots in your favourite Be An Athlete premium sportswear, and whether that’s a snapback, hoody, or pair of leggings, we have to admit, you’ve all looked pretty fantastic. And though this might possible be down to our couture, shape accentuating fit, or enhanced drapeability, we’re happy to give you the benefit of the doubt this time round. So here’s the thing; we’ve come to the conclusion that these shots are wasted just on our instagram site. If you guys are good enough to take such amazing pictures, and show our clothing off at its best, then it’s only right we include them on our site, too!

@DanWheeler3000 in the Be An Athlete Baseball Cap

So, if you’ve already tweeted images to us before, wait and see whether you’re featured on the new site. Or if you haven’t already submitted your best gym selfie, or are looking even trimmer than you were when you did, what are you waiting for? Tweet us now @BAAApparel, or tag us on instagram using @BAAClothing, and not only will you get a retweet and comment, but you might even feature on the new Be An Athlete site, too!

@AthleticFox in the Be An Athlete Baseball Cap

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