Top 10 Running Tips to Beat your Personal Best

As the nights draw in, the temptation to skip your evening fitness sesh, be it the gym or a run around the block, and instead get home to that roaring fire, warming dinner, or coaxing cup of tea, can become more and more inviting. But is any of that going to help come January, when the Christmas festivities have taken their toll and you have to restart your workout regime from the beginning? These top 10 running hacks and tips will keep you motivated over the winter, and have you beating your personal best in no time!

1. Loosen your grip for a more relaxed run

A lot of runners screw their fists up during a run, which causes unnecessary tension in their upper body and wastes vital energy. Try holding a rolled up piece of paper, and running with it – if it’s completely screwed up at the end of the sprint, you know you’re squeezing too tightly.

2. Massage your feet

A lot of gym goers invest in a weekly massage in order to loosen up the tension in their muscles. Runners need to do the same with their feet, only there’s no need for a pricey professional session. Either buy a foot massage ball, or get a little economic with your sporting paraphernalia, and use a tennis ball. Now simply place the ball on the floor and roll your foot over it for approximately half an hour while you watch television. Cheapest massage ever.

3. Breathe slower for better oxygen intake

If you’re breathing too rapidly, your body cannot get rid of the unwanted CO₂ fast enough before the next load of air is rushing in. In effect, your lungs are starved of oxygen. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, by breathing more slowly, you’ll deliver more oxygen to your lungs.

4. Land on your forefoot for a cushioned impact

Many runners land on their heel and in turn, there is nowhere for the impact to travel other than up the body.  After a while, this repetitive injury can severely impact your running. Instead, by landing on your forefoot, the impact is cushioned and the collision force is lessened. Lessened learnt!

5. Run backwards on the treadmill to engage new muscles

By running both backwards and sideways on the treadmill, not only will you look like you haven’t got a clue to fellow gym goers, but you’ll force otherwise underdeveloped muscles to engage and develop. Overall, this will help your stability, and provide support to the muscles more regularly used. In addition, it will also increase your core strength and as you’ll be working harder to stay balanced. But be warned. While running backwards on a treadmill might look unusual, running backwards and then falling over, looks remarkably worse.

6. Get a massage before the race

While many runners will get a massage after a major race, it can be just as important to get one before the event as well. This will ensure your muscles are fully recovered, and performing at their best on the day.

7. Close your thumbs over your fists

Many runners will stick their thumbs up while running but this can create unnecessary muscle tension in the forearm which in turn, can eventually contribute to overall muscle fatigue. Instead, close your thumbs over your fists. But remember, not too tightly now.

8. Try walking instead of stretching

Instead of stretching before a run, try walking briskly for a couple of minutes, and then speed up to a gentle jog. This is a more natural way of warming up and engaging the muscles you’ll be using during your run.

9. Lead with your chest for better breathing

By leading with your chest during a run, your lungs will be in far more efficient position for optimum respiration. You’ll also look more confident!

10. Plank for improved balance

The plank is one of the holy grails of the fitness world – it can help improve performance for pretty much any sport. In terms of running, a regular, daily plank session can improve your core strength which in turn improves balance and stability.

Got any amazing running tips yourself? Share them in the comment box below. And why not check out our running essential from the Be An Athlete premium sportswear range, perfect for brightening up that drizzly morning run.

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