Wear Premium. Train Premium – The New BAA Campaign

Last week, the Be An Athlete team literally shut down Mount Street in Mayfair. This publicity stunt was part of our new campaign. Wear premium. Train Premium. 

Fitness model, Olly Foster (the only man to have graced the cover of Men’s Health six times!) pulled a 3000lb Lamborghini Gallardo through the affluent London area. Naturally, he was decked out from head to toe in Be An Athlete sportswear.

The fitness industry is an incredibly competitive arena, so it wasn’t long before one of his colleagues turned up to challenge him. Barry Pitts, also sporting full Be An Athlete regalia, arrived on the scene dragging around a limited edition Porsche GT3!

Onlookers fled to the street, and traffic grounded to a halt. But watch out London, as we’ve only just begun. Over the upcoming months, we’ll be staging a number of events and they’re only going to get bigger. Because at the end of the day, your workout needs to match your wardrobe, and if you’re going to wear premium sportswear, you need to train to a premium level.

Fancy challenging us? Tweet @BAAapparel your idea of a premium workout, and who knows, perhaps we’ll rise to it. 

Photos courtesy of UV Pro Photography

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