Guest Blog Post - Olivia Cox Reviews the BAA Ladies Range

Television presenter, and fashion and lifestyle blogger, Olivia Cox, recently took some Be An Athlete sportswear out for a spin. Not only did she review the vest and leggings (both from our latest pastel collection) on her own blog, which can be read here, but was kind enough to write another review for our blog, too! And both are equally raving, as you can see for yourself below.... Thanks, Olivia!

They say that getting out the door is the hardest part of any fitness training. Well, it's not. Because getting your kit on is way harder. Especially in this kind of weather (read: miserable) - it takes something pretty special to coax me out of my onesie.

And I don't think I'm being a wimp here - I used to be in the army, and ran the London Marathon a couple of years ago, so I do have at least an iota of self-motivation. Which means that the rest of the population are probably secret kit-phobes like me.

It's not that I don't like the training. I genuinely do enjoy working-out - particularly cardio and core work (I always say I like weights, too, but actually I really don't. I always go way too heavy or way too light. It's just not my thing). 

Nope, I genuinely think it's the actual act of getting into clothes that are invariably too hot / too cold / embarrassingly baggy / scarily tight... etc etc that is my (and - I suspect - many others') stumbling block.

This isn't just a rant though - I do have a point (honest). Which is essentially to thank the fitness Gods for Be An Athlete, who have neatly nailed the gym-wear thing with a fashion forward range that's unafraid to be comfortable, too. Think leggings that don't go see-though, genuinely flattering fits, which is a rarity, and even a nifty little mp3 player compartment which means no more clutching iPods with numb fingers. Win.

On top of that, the pieces are available in such bright and motivating colours (no boring monotone here!) that I can't help but feel fitter just by slipping the soft brushed cotton pieces on!

Fancy writing a guest review yourself about your favourite Be An Athlete sportswear pieces? Let us know below, and why not check out Olivia's top picks, too!

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