3 Fitness Events to Challenge you this Year

We’re fast approaching February – gone fast, hasn’t it? And for those of you that made a fitness related New Year’s resolution, chances are you’ve either given up by now, or you’re starting to experience the benefits of your new routine. Addressing those of you in the latter group, and we’ll assume that’s the majority if you’re reading this – a fitness blog - it’s time to set your crosshairs on the next challenge!

As we mentioned in our previous post, ‘10 tips to stay motivated at the gym post January,’ structure, in the form of clear (and realistically achievable) goals, is key to keeping yourself motivated. Without such, there’s a lack of direction and subsequently focus. So what better way to inspire your newfound, muscle rippling, Grecian god of a body, than to enrol in one of the following fitness challenges this year...

Tough Mudder

Dubbed as ‘probably the toughest event on the planet,’ Tough Mudder isn’t about finishing times, but purely whether or not you actually manage to complete it. As a team orientated assault course, it’s ultimately concerned with the idea of camaraderie – either you all finish, or none of you do.

Pitting your team against the elements themselves, including ice, fire, electricity, and perhaps unsurprisingly, enough mud to supply wrestling matches at the playboy mansion until the end of time, this is a team building exercise like no other.

The numerous obstacles are spread out along a 10-12 mile course, and are designed to ensure you cannot overcome them alone. From crawling through tear gas-like vapour, to scaling a near-vertical, water spewing construction known only as Everest, once you’ve etched Tough Mudder into your calendar there’s no going back, and sitting around watching TV isn’t going to help.

The London to Paris Bike Ride

If crawling through mud isn’t your cup of tea, the London to Paris Bike Ride is still a very worthy accomplishment but a much more refined affair in contrast. 500km over 500 days, the route spans from London to Paris (hence the name), covering as much countryside as possible along the way.

Not only physically rewarding, the journey will also be enlightening on a cultural level, too, as the route incorporates numerous landmarks including World War battlefields, historic towns and gothic churches to gawk at while you try to catch your breath.

Like Touch Mudder though, this sort of challenge will require a great deal of teamwork, endurance and the ability to adhere to a strict fitness regime to ensure you’re ready for it.

Ironman UK

If the others didn’t whet your appetite, this one will send your adrenaline levels into overdrive just reading about it;

The Ironman triathlon kicks things off with a leisurely 2.4 mile swim through Pennington Flask Lake. Once you’ve reached the other side, and had the pleasure of removing your compulsory wetsuit (compulsory due to an expected water temperature around the 16 degrees mark), it’s time for a brisk 112 mile cycle across the picturesque and dare we say mountainous landscape of Lancashire.

Now that you’ve sufficiently warmed up, it’s time for the marathon. A full marathon. That’s 26.2 miles to be precise. And if it is indeed this last one that appeals to the athlete inside you, may we suggest you stop reading this blog round about now, and get over to the gym pronto.

Ready to take up the mantle? Drop us a line in the comment box below which fitness events you’ve enrolled on this year, and how you’re training for them. And if at any time the prospect becomes a little daunting, may we suggest checking out last week’s interview with Ben Smith – the man who, come the 1st September, will embark on the 400:400 challenge – 400 marathons in 400 consecutive days...

And no, that wasn’t a typo.

Image Credits

1. Tough Mudder
2. Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, Flickr
3. SaMoBiker, Flickr

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  1. Missed tough muddier last year but I'm 100% involved this year! Roll on 2nd May!

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