Upgrade these 5 Exercises with the TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer might initially look like something Christian Grey would keep in his infamous ‘red room of pain,’ but it’s far more likely to be found in the billionaire’s private gym instead (along with his favourite Be An Athlete Tracksuit...in grey, of course). This is because the contraption is in fact an extremely innovative fitness device that harnesses gravity and bodyweight in order to intensify your workout...though who’s to say it couldn’t intensify other activities, too?

By pitching your own weight against you, the TRX is a cost-effective exercise gadget that helps develop strength, flexibility, core stability and power. What’s more, the brand recently launched its new ‘TRX Home Suspension Training Kit,’ which allows you to attach the device to any door frame around the house. And thanks to its transportable design, you’re free to take your TRX on the road with you, meaning you can bang out a gravity-defying workout anywhere, anytime.

Although there are over 300 bodyweight exercises achievable with the TRX, today we’re going to look at five everyday routines (exercise routines!) that can be upgraded thanks to those iconic black and yellow straps.

1. The Burpee

A term that strikes fear into the heart of every fitness fanatic, the burpee combines a plank, push-up and jump squat to form one overall, deadly workout combo. Luckily, the good people at TRX have discovered a way to make it even deadlier...

By placing a foot into one of the TRX cradles, you now have only the one leg to support you. Feel the burn.

2. The Squat

The squat is a universally recognised exercise that activates your entire lower body. Utilizing your full body weight, it’s not long before the routine begins to make itself known to your glutes, quads and calves. But that’s nothing in comparison to...the squat jump.

Clasp a TRX cradle with each hand, and perform a squat as normal, but rather than standing back up once you reach the lowest position, instead, introduce an explosive jump, and repeat.

The TRX should not subsidise your weight in this particular exercise, or alleviate the strain, but is purely there to provide balance.

3. The Pull Up

Don’t fancy installing a pull-up bar in your home? Granted, it might bring about more headaches than an unstable wifi connection, but it’s a great backup to your clothesline during winter. Failing that, the TRX is just about the best, non-permanent alternative.

Simply hang the TRX as normal, shorten the straps, and hold onto each of the cradles. Hey presto - the perfect pull up machine!

4. The Push Up

Time to lower those straps again, until they’re roughly a foot from the floor. Now get into the normal push-up position, but instead of placing your hands against the ground, grip each of the TRX handles. This way, you’re forced to lower your body a greater distance, in turn increasing the muscle strain in your shoulders, chest and triceps.

5. The Plank

Supermodel, Miranda Kerr, can allegedly plank for a whopping ten minutes. If that isn’t motivation enough for you to up your own planking game, we don’t know what is! Luckily, the TRX is on hand to do just that.

Place your feet in each of the cradles, and now resume your typical planking position (...said Mr Grey). This is the ultimate core-building exercise, and deserves a place in everyone’s fitness regime.

As you can see, we’re big fans of the Suspension Trainer here at Be An Athlete, and if you want more info head on over to their official website here, but now we want to hear your opinion; is it one to leave hanging, or is it the perfect piece of fitness equipment to get you on the right...TRX?

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