FlipBelt - is this the End of Bulky Pockets?

While the Be An Athlete leggings have their integrated pocket compartment, ideal for your mp3 player, and our hoodies have a hidden headphone eyelet to ensure your lead is never in the way, the question remains; what to do with the rest of your twenty-first century accoutrements i.e. your keys, wallet, mobile phone, loose change and anything else that might weigh you down during a workout. Well, we might finally have the answer...

The FlipBelt, a new product about to hit the active wear market, is specifically designed to store away all your ‘bits and pieces’ with it's flattering and contoured design. Fitting snugly around the waist, or on your hips, its tubular shape means you can insert items safely into its folds, and by flipping the belt inwards, they remain there. As such, you can finally go running, without the fear of your Iphone slipping out of your pocket (as let’s face it, drop it and your screen WILL smash), and no longer have to put up with that constant thumping of your keys against your thigh.
With its innovative, ergonomic construction, your items stay rigidly in place without causing any feeling of bulk, and due to the absence of zips and the like, there’s no chafing either! Made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend, it also means you won’t be left with a sweaty midriff, and considering it's machine washable, and quick drying, it’s perfect for everyday use, too.

The FlipBelt can be worn under or over your top, but considering its available in nine different shades, including Nuclear Yellow, Royal Blue, and Neon Green (our personal favourite, as it looks great worn with the Be An Athlete Neon Green Leggings), they’re a great way to accessorise your outfit and add an additional pop of colour during your workout.

Check out their official website, and let us know in the comment box below whether you think the FlipBelt is something to flip out about, or whether it's just another flippin' novelty fitness item...

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