Adidas Reveals New Colour Morphing Trainers

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at Nike’s upcoming, Back to the Future inspired, self-lacing trainers, and as if Adidas has directly responded to the release, they have since announced their own futuristic take on the classic sneaker.

Titled the XENO collection, a name taken from the Xenopeltis snake, the range features a scale-like texture which seemingly changes colour when exposed to direct light. But this isn’t the first time Adidas has sought inspiration from Mother Nature – re-released last year, Adidas’s Attitude sneaker marked a foray for performance wear with the introduction of snakeskin as a material.

Adidas is dubbing the XENO finish as ‘light responsive technology,’ and as you can see in the video below, the ordinarily black trainers explode into a dazzling display of iridescent tones under direct sunlight. For whatever reason, they also metamorphose into their more colourful counterpart when under a camera lens – so expect an instagram infestation upon their official release!

As well as a tribute to the reptile kingdom, the XENO’s also pay homage to the city of New York. Not only are they bright and dazzling, like the metropolitan itself, but also feed into the idea of duplicity – the Big Apple is a tale of two cities; there’s the glamorous glitzy side, and then also its somewhat darker, shadier one.

The first styles to receive the new scaly finish will be ZX Flux, Superstar and Attitude Hi, which will be slithering their way into stores on the 13th February. Let us know in the comment box below what you think of the Adidas XENO range, and be sure to also check out the Be An Athlete Pastel Collection for an equally bright pop of springtime colour!

Images courtesy of Adidas


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