The Be An Athlete Ambassador Announcement

Earlier this year, we announced the upcoming Be An Athlete ambassador scheme. We sought individuals who shared our mantra - to be an athlete - and promoted the virtue of greatness in a role such as a strength coach or personal trainer. And while we naturally hoped for a positive response, nothing prepared us for the overwhelming reaction we received. 

In light of this outcome, we’ve decided to roll out a few ambassadors each week for the foreseeable future, as oppose to announcing a full line-up from the offset. And to that extent, we encourage the applications to keep coming in.

A couple of weeks ago, we announced the first official Ambassador joining skipper, James Haskell’s squad – David Lancaster, who can currently be seen gracing the cover of Men’s Fitness magazine, and today, after much consideration, we are proud to announce the next three! They have been selected on their merit in the industry, their health and fitness expertise, and the loyalty they have demonstrated to the Be An Athlete brand.

Dan Osman

Performance nutritionist, and strength and conditioning coach...

Daniel Luke

Personal trainer and nutritional adviser...

Daniel Wheeler

Bodybuilder, coach and entrepreneur...

We’re extremely excited about the year ahead – not only will we be rolling out our new range of performance wear, but have some very special things planned for our ambassadors, and to that extent, we’ll be announcing more ambassadors next week, so keep your ears to the ground – you never know when you might get...the call.

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