Is this the Healthiest New Drink on the Market?

B. Fresh is the latest name to squeeze its way onto the increasingly popular, healthy drinks shelf. Based in Shropshire, the company specialise in 'cold pressed' juice, which contains no added sugar, no preservatives, and is made from only 100% natural ingredients. But in a market that is fast becoming saturated, is B.Fresh a drink to B.hold or will they get left B.hind?

What is Cold Pressing?

As the name would suggest, B.Fresh prides itself on delivering a fresh product. To achieve this, they utilise what is known as ‘cold pressing;’ fruit and veg arrive intact at the factory in Shropshire, are washed in natural spring water from the farm, and are then chopped before passing through a series of rollers to achieve a pulp-free juice.

Unlike other more thermal-based preparation methods, the absence of heat means that as much of the nutrients, minerals and vitamins are kept as possible.

Why is High Pressure Processing Healthier?

Once again, B.Fresh breaks away from the conventional processing methods in order to create a purer product. Whereas other brands might now pasteurise the juice to prolong its shelf life, B.Fresh uses a procedure referred to as High Pressure Processing (HPP), and are the only growers in the UK with this capability.

With High Pressure Processing, the bottles of juice are placed into a special chamber which is flooded with cold water and subjected to 3 minutes of high pressure - 6000 bars in fact, which is the equivalent to five times the pressure in the deepest part of the ocean. In contrast to the conventional thermal treatment, not only does HPP help preserve the natural flavours of the fruit and veg, but again retains more of their nutritional quality.

Where are the Ingredients from?

B.Fresh operates on a ‘Own-Grown or Known-Grown’ philosophy, meaning that if for whatever reason (such as the highly likely scenario of a poor British summer) the B.Fresh farm has a poor crop of apples one year, they will only source it from an associate with whom they have a pre-existing relationship. As such, they can always vouch for the quality of their produce, rain or shine.

So, how does it taste?

There are eight flavours in total, ranging from heavily vegetable-based mixes, such as the #greenwarrior, which is primarily spinach and kale, to others with a higher fruit-to-veg ratio, such as the #hydrationgreen; a blend of apple, lime and cucumber. 

All eight taste very natural, and it makes for a refreshing change to be able to actually distinguish the true flavour of the ingredients and not some clearly engineered version of it. In fact, it’s so pure you can almost smell the soil in which the produce was grown (in a good way we mean!). The #leanandgreen in particular, a health infused cocktail of cucumber, kale, celery and spinach, and you’ll feel ready to conquer the world.

If you're sitting there thinking it all sounds a little too good to B.true, then check out B.Fresh’s official website here. And for three other no nonsense blends, allow us to present the Be An Athlete Premium Tracksuit Bottoms, made from 100% luxury brushed cotton...

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