3 Trainers that will actually help you Train

For a while now, trainers have been enjoying a moment in the fashion spotlight, and while office workers around the country have benefited from a more cushioned walk to work each day, we think it’s time to rediscover the real purpose behind this increasingly colourful item of footwear...

Today, we’re looking at three pairs of trainers that do exactly as their name would suggest – they help you train! Unlike their cousin counterparts currently dominating the sneaker scene, the following models have each been built with a specific objective in mind; to up your fitness game!

For the runner...

Helly Hansen Wicked Pace R2

The Wicked Pace R2 is ‘purposefully designed for a responsive running experience,’ and to this effect, features a 5mm midsole drop to prevent you from landing on the ball of your foot. As we discussed in our previous blog, top 10 running tips to beat your personal best, by landing on your forefoot, the impact of the landing is cushioned by the motion of your heel in turn meeting with the floor.

The upper is not only seamless, but also made from a breathable mesh with engineered support zones. This in turn prevents your foot from overheating and subsequently over sweating during a run. Less sweat means less rubbing...not to mention fresher smelling socks!

Lastly, while it remains uncertain whether the Helly Hansen design team were big fans growing up of the 90s TV superhero, Bananaman, we’ve got to admit, we’re loving the bold ‘blue and yellow’ colour combination!

For the crossfit trainer...

Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0

For those of you after a more understated style of trainer, which is arguable more in line with Batman than Bananaman, not only do Reebok’s latest evolution of the popular Nano series ooze sophistication, they have been constructed to offer the ultimate in performance, durability and comfort. 

The DuraCage, a plastic crisscross casing, provides additional support during your workout, while the RopePro protection wrap gives bite and traction support for activities such as rope climbing. Shock absorbers have also been incorporated into the forefoot and heelpod, perfect if you’re suddenly feeling adventurous once at the top of that rope, and a 4mm heel-to-toe drop has also been thrown in for better stability throughout your workout.

As Bruce would say, do they come in black? They most certainly do. In fact, the Nano’s are available in a variety of colours, but as you know, we’re big fans of the ‘black and red’ combo here at Be An Athlete – just imagine how amazing they’d look with our Classic Tracksuit...

For the adventurer...

Saucony Xodus 5.0

The Xodus 5.0 is the toughest of Saucony’s trail shoes, which is definitely saying something. Ideal for the off-road runner, these trainers feature the Vibram XS-Trek outsole, which helps to resist abrasion and enhances traction.

The Pro-lock lacing system secures the foot in place in order to minimize the risk of injury over rough terrain, while a Gusseted internal bootie construction keeps out debris, meaning you’ll never have to fish a stone out of your shoe again! SOLD.

Let us know which trainers you train in, and whether you think the above examples would workout for you... 


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  2. Reebok always brings the best crossfit shoes . This new arrival of Reebok seems highly fashionable. And I also believe that its the best option for workout.

  3. Thanks to the author for bringing to our notice the new collection of trainers. In fact, people who are runners will be definitely impressed by the Helly Hansen Wicked Pace R2. By its appearance, it can be said that the shoes are tough, but also at the same time provides the much needed cushioning to the feet while running. The same thing could also be said for the Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0. As Crossfit workouts are of high intensity, people will need shoes like Reebok Crossfit nano. However, the offroad trail is a completely different game and the Saucony Xodus 5.0 is perfectly suited for this occasion.
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