The Ultimate Workout Soundtrack

Apart from turning up at the gym looking like an absolute ‘boss’ in your Be An Athlete Premium Tracksuit, a decent soundtrack is just about the best form of fitness motivation there is. We’ve already sorted out your workout wardrobe, so we thought we’d now take a stab at the music side of things, too – introducing 'The Mixercise!'

Be An Athlete has collaborated with emerging, electronic house DJ duo, iLL BLU, to bring you a playlist guaranteed to get your blood pumping. 55 minutes long, with tracks from the likes of Tazer, Ten Walls and Grades, you’ll feel as if your gym has suddenly relocated to the Ministry of Sound, itself. But best of all, as we’ve loaded it up to SoundCloud, not only is it absolutely free of charge, but there are no incredibly frustrating adverts either, so you’re free to get in the zone, and stay there!

To check it out, simply follow this link and make sure you...pump up the volume! You can listen to it anywhere, any time, on pretty much any device as long as you have some sort of internet connection, What's more, we’ll be releasing a similar, fitness focussed mixtape every two weeks, so all that’s left for you to do is turn up, tune in, and tone up.

Let us know what you think about volume one of ‘The Mixercise’ in the comment box below; Which song really got you going? What would you like to see on the next one? What effect did it have on your workout? And if you’re really serious about your music, check out our article from last week, where we reviewed some of the best workout headphones around!

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