5 Healthy Ingredients to Pimp your Smoothie


With the warmer summer months closing in, it’s safe to say that smoothie season is officially upon us. As people race against the clock to achieve that dream beach body in time for their holiday, don’t be surprised to see morning commuters replace their trademark coffee shop-branded cardboard cup, for a container altogether more transparent in appearance, so as to show off the gloopy, green, pond-like health slop inside. 

While seemingly healthier than your standard cup of coffee, shop-bought smoothies are generally overpriced and over-sweetened. So before you liquidate (or should we say liquefy) your bank balance, and unknowingly surge your daily sugar intake, we thought we’d share five ways to pimp up a homemade smoothie, in order to produce something altogether healthier and more nutritious!


healthy smoothie ingredients spirulina

Available in powder form, spirulina is a type of algae that provides an absolute thwack of health benefits, including protein, zinc, iron, beta carotene and omega 3. Calling spirulina a superfood is putting it lightly.

It also has the added benefit of turning your smoothie into the highly coveted shade of green, letting everyone else know just how dedicated you are to the health and fitness cause!


healthy smoothie ingredients oats

Not only will a handful of oats give your shake a wonderful texture, the high levels of fibre and protein will ensure it keeps you feeling full until lunch (like Shreddies use to do!). Oats are also a rich source of iron and magnesium, and if you haven’t quite got the time to boil up a batch of porridge in the morning, by introducing them to your smoothie recipe it’s a quick and easy way to get them in your diet.


healthy smoothie ingredients banana

It’s safe to say that our smoothie-pimping ingredients have hardly been big on flavour so far, which is where the banana comes in. It’s the perfect way to add a sweet and creamy consistency to your drink, while also providing a healthy dose of potassium, fibre and vitamin B6, which helps to lower blood pressure, normalise bowel movement, and prevent muscle cramp following exercise.


healthy smoothie ingredients beetroot

Another thickening agent, just be sure to buy beetroot in its pure rather than pickled form, unless you’re prone to drinking copious amount of vinegar!

In addition to helping the body fight inflammation, beetroot is high in iron, potassium, folate and vitamin B6 – plus, you can look down your nose at those still rocking their age-old green smoothies, while you sip smugly at the all new, cutting-edge, red smoothie...


healthy smoothie ingredients cinnamon

Granted, some of the healthier smoothie recipes definitely have an organic flavour – in fact, sometimes you can still smell the soil, and in worst case scenarios, even taste it! But before you go reaching for that jar of sugar, cinnamon is a great alternative, not only packing a punch of flavour, but a bounty of health benefits, too. 

Cinnamon is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, and can even help fight the risk of heart disease while also reducing blood sugar levels, so spice that smoothie up...now!

Let us know how you pimp your smoothie in the comment box below, and if you’re after something with a little more citric flavouring, check out the Be An Athlete Neon Leggings, available in a range of zesty colours!

Image Credits
Spirulina - William Ismael, Flickr
Oats - Jacqueline, Flickr
Banana - Fernando Stankuns, Flickr
Beetroot - Stijn Nieuwendijk, Flickr
Cinnamon - Ion-bogdan dumitrescu, Flickr


  1. I know for me I like to add in some chia seeds I also add oatmeal. It really helps control my hunger.

    1. Love this idea, Danielle - we'll definitely chuck in a few chia seeds into our smoothies here at Be An Athlete HQ from now on!

  2. I say throw in some cucumber for their lignan content, celery sticks for anti-inflamation, ginger for immunity, lime and lemons for vitamin C and antioxidants, basil for anti-bacteria, mint for cleansing and relaxation, avocado for essential fats. KEEP IT ALL GREEN - top it up with chlorella.

    1. Sounds absolutely AMAZING! #BeAnAthlete



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