3 of the Absolute Best Protein Shaker Bottles

For many, going to the gym is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life. The process has to be perfect, from the trainers, to the holdall, to the bottle, to the sportswear. And whilst Be An Athlete only has one of these mastered (so far!), there’s no way you can place your perfectly folded Premium Hoodie, alongside some old, overused, faded coke bottle – it’s just not right. 

Luckily, we’ve brought together three of the best shaker bottles currently available, so that your gym ‘game’ can look just as strong from beginning to end, and from top to bottom!

MyProtein Blender Bottle


For those of you who think ‘bits’ in drinks are the work of the devil, himself, the MyProtein Blender Bottle is definitely the one to expel your demons.

With just a shake of the flask, it’s unique wire blending ball acts like a whisk, breaking down your supplement powder and dispersing it evenly throughout the drink.

If James Bond went to the gym, needless to say this would be his blender bottle of choice. How does he like his post-workout drink? Why, shaken not stirred, of course...

2Shakes Shaker


2shakes is a relatively new concept, but make no mistake, what the brand lacks in years, it more than makes up for in innovation.

The shaker is vertically split into two isolated 350ml compartments, each boasting its own mouthpiece, with the intention of fitting two entirely separate beverages in the one flask. If the convenience behind this masterstroke hasn’t yet struck you, just imagine being able to have both your pre and post workout drink in one!

Other benefits include (but are not limited to!) being able to keep a liquid in one compartment, and ice in the other, meaning you benefit from a chilled drink which hasn’t been diluted. You could even keep a snack, such as peanuts or raisins, in the one side, with a refreshing beverage in the other. And if you just can’t decide one afternoon, whether you fancy orange juice or apple juice, well, you can finally embrace your indecisiveness and choose to take both drinks with you! What a modern world we live in...

SmartShake Shaker Cup


SmartShake by name, SmartShake by nature, this particular shaker bottle has not one, not two, but three isolated compartments in which you’re free to store anything  from your protein powders, to your pills, to your snacks. You could even lock your locker keys in there!

It’s dishwasher friendly, microwave safe, and can even survive periods in the freezer, not to mention the fact that it’s also 100% leak proof. Resourceful, reliable and resilient, the SmartShake is basically the Bear Grills of shakers. Only tougher.

So, go ahead, shake things up at your gym with one of these premium shakers. But if you really want cause a stir, then check out the brand spanking new Be An Athlete caps below...


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