7 Top Marathon Tips for a Running Start


The London Marathon is THIS Sunday, and though at this stage, there’s no way of making twenty-six miles any easier, the following tips can definitely make it a more comfortable experience. Failing that, just remember Paul Freedman’s cheeky advice – follow a nice bum!

1) Take a small bag and fill it with the following items:

  • Plasters – can you imagine having to bail out of the race due to a blister? While they can be incredibly painful, a plaster will almost certainly make it more bearable.

  • Snacks – check out our previous post for the ultimate in marathon sustenance! 

  • Clean socks – whether it’s sweat, rain, or some inconsiderate fellow runner pouring water over their head, there’s little more uncomfortable than wet socks.

  • Hat – the Be An Athlete headwear range will not only keep the sun out of your eyes, but ensure you continue looking stylish the entire way round!

  • Sunglasses – if you’re having to squint because the sun’s in your eyes, it could greatly increase the chance of you tripping over something, be it the kerb, a stone or even a fellow runner tying his shoelace.

  • Sun Cream – however fast you run it, that’s still a long time to be in the sun – block those harmful rays.

2) New shoes are a big no no

As your feet get hot, they can swell, and then suddenly those perfect fitting shoes suddenly don’t fit so perfectly, and you’ve got a one way ticket to blister town (see tip 1, part 1).

3) Vaseline

Spread vaseline on any areas of the skin that might rub, especially your nipples.

4) Go to the toilet before the race, and then go again – 

There’s nothing more off-putting than that nagging feeling that you might need to ‘go’ once you’re all prepped at the starting line.

5) Buddy up

If you’re running on your own, try to partner up with someone running at a similar pace. It will help you maintain your own pace, and who knows, you might make a friend for life.

6) Separate the run into landmarks

Running twenty six miles is a daunting task, not only for the body, but for the mind, too. Instead, break that distance up into landmarks e.g. focus on getting to the Cutty Sark, and then to the Tower of London, and so on...

7) Stick to your hydration plan

Just because there are water stations every mile or so, doesn’t mean you have to drink at every single one of them. Instead, stick with the same drinking pattern you adopted during training.

So that’s our seven top marathon tips, but we’re sure there’s hundreds more, so let us know your own top tips in the comment box below. And as a final suggestion, check out the Be An Athlete Running Shorts – ultra soft, comfortable and stylish!


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