How New App 'HowFit' will up your Fitness Game

toned-lady-exercises-with-fitness-app might be able to plank longer than anyone else you know, or can do the most press-ups in your social group; perhaps you even hold the bench press record at your local gym – but how do you reckon you fare up against the population of your city, country, or, if you’re really up for a challenge, the entire world? Up until now, there was no way of knowing, but with new app ‘HowFit,’ that’s all about to change....

Launching soon, HowFit adds a social element as yet unachieved with current fitness apps on the market. It ranks you for individual exercises, events and sports, against others in that same category, taking into account height, weight, age and gender to ensure a fair comparison. As such, now you can know for certain how impressive your burpee rep count really is, with an international ranking! Not only does this allow for the ultimate in bragging rights (just imagine being able to say you’re in the global top one hundred for a particular exercise, with visible proof to back it up), but will also do wonders for motivation, as people compete for that all important top spot!

To put this into context, imagine one of those afternoons when, for whatever reason, you just cannot be bothered to go to the gym, when all of a sudden, you receive an alert informing you that someone has just knocked you off your podium for press-ups in the local area. In fact, you personally know the perpetrator! Before you know it, you’re hitting up that gym faster, harder and more determined than ever before, just to prove who the press-up king really is!

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In addition to HowFit’s competitive component, there will be a section dedicated to exercise and nutrition tips, whereby people can share advice and get ranked for it. With the use of a ‘helpful’ button, which people can use in a similar way to 'likes' on Facebook, and 'favourites' on Twitter, the app will promote posts with positive feedback, in turn reinforcing your credibility and reach as a member of the fitness community.

Register your interest on the official HowFit App website now, to find out how you can become part of the new community as soon as it launches. But if you really have your eyes set on the top spot, then you need to start looking the part, too, which is where Be An Athlete’s premium Polo Shirts and Vest Tops come into play....


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