Why you need to start drinking ‘Lean Greens’ Superpowder!


Up until now, the term ‘lean green’ would usually be followed up with ‘fat reducing grilling machine,’ and conjure an image of George Foreman proudly standing over what was ultimately a luxury sandwich toaster. It was a good product, so good in fact, he ‘put his name on it,’ but now there’s a new ‘lean greens’ in town, and it’s arguably healthier, more nutritious, and even leaner and greener than ever before!

What's in Lean Greens?

Lean Greens is a superfood powder (or superpowder, if you really want to get with the lingo), which dilutes in water in order to create a neutral flavoured cocktail absolutely brimming with the following uber-nutritious ingredients:

Wheat Grass, Barley Grass, Alfalfa, Spirulina and Chlorella – otherwise known as the fantastic five when it comes to grasses & algae, which combine to create an alkaline blend to flush your body of toxins.

Broccoli, Spinach and Carrot – three superfood vegetables, chosen for their dense nutritional value, to provide your body with a kick of minerals, from A to D, and everything in-between (...namely B and C), in addition to healthy doses of iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium!

• A bountiful blend of blueberries & blackcurrants (try saying that after a drink, and we don’t mean of Lean Greens!), widely regarded as some of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet.

• Not four, not five, but six digestive enzymes, all of which contribute to the healthy running of your gut, and in turn help to reduce that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

• And last but by no means least, the metabolism-igniting, energy powerhouses that are Siberian Ginseng and Green Tea, you know, for that extra bit of gusto!


How will Lean Greens aid your body?

More Energy - The alkalising ingredients help your body to function better, which, when combined with the metabolic properties, provides you with a natural, caffeine-free, increase in energy levels.

Reduces Bloating - Containing various enzymes that aid in the breakdown of fats, sugars and starches, Lean Greens is a great way to improve gut (and bowel) health, and reduce that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

Reduces Cravings - By pounding your body with nutrients, your hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls hunger signals) is better satisfied, meaning you experience less cravings throughout the day and feel fuller for longer.

But how does it taste?

Superpowder drinks notoriously taste pretty bad, which isn’t really surprising. If you tried drinking the water you just boiled your broccoli in, no doubt that wouldn’t taste great either (though, of course, you’d never dream of boiling veg!).

But this is where Lean Greens breaks away from convention. To say it’s the best thing you’ll ever taste would be an overstatement, but frankly, something as healthy as this is never going to taste great, and if it does, chances it’s not that good for you! But the guys at Lean Greens are so confident in the flavour, which they describe as being ‘neutral,’ that they’ve introduced a unique 60 day money back guarantee, if indeed you do find yourself gagging at every sip.

So if you like the sound of having more energy, less cravings, and improved bowel movement (who doesn’t?), then check out the official Lean Greens website, but as always, let us know your thoughts either way in the comment bow below...


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