Why couples who train together stay together

It doesn't take a professional trainer to know the seemingly endless health benefits that come from keeping fit. Everywhere we go there's someone preaching about all the great things regular exercise can do. And while we all know it's good for the heart, keeps you slim, and can extend your lifespan, have you ever considered what a joint workout could do for your relationship?

Studies have demonstrated that training together, whether that's fancy butt-ups with your boyfriend or lifting weights with your wife, can make you almost 100% more motivated at the gym. If you need any more convincing as to why it's such a good idea to bring your partner along to your fitness sesh, below are another five benefits of exercising as a couple.

1. Get happy

It's no secret that exercise is exceptionally generous when it comes to boosting up your dopamine levels, giving you that de-stressed, happy buzz you get from working out. So it's probably not too difficult to see how doubling your numbers brings double the happiness into your relationship, with studies showing that couples who share workouts report feeling much more positive about their relationship. So next time you're feeling a night in with a takeaway, suggest a trip to the gym instead.

2. Get motivated

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a fitness veteran, the pressure of having a partner there can massively boost your overall performance, with research indicating that you're less likely to slow down, quit early or skip it altogether if someone is with you. Humans are competitive by nature, so whether it's a challenge or just stamina building that you're after, your animal instinct to impress will definitely work in your favour. Plus, when you know there's someone in a pair of short shorts waiting for you, you're much more likely to ignore the temptation of ditching the gym for that coffee-and-cake instead, right?

3. Get hot

It's not just those new chiselled arms bursting out of your vest that'll get your partner's heart pounding. Studies have shown that your physical attractiveness can skyrocket in your partner's eyes, as the human brain often confuses the tell-tale signs of exercise with that of arousal. Think about it: feeling sweaty, shortness of breath – it's not too far off another 'couples' activity…

4. Get your goals

Studies have shown that hearing supportive comments from a partner during a tough workout can be extremely beneficial in achieving your fitness goals. Not only that, but it can help them achieve their own goals, too, even if you're not doing the same activities – encouragement and support is a huge factor in reaching your targets.

5. Get closer

Obviously, if you go the gym with your other half, you're going to be spending more time together and paying attention to each other. But there's also another way you can create a huge connection with each other subconsciously: exercising together often results in tuning into your partner's movements, so you end up running, lifting weights or stepping in time with each other. Research has shown that gym-goers who've noticed this mimicking of rhythm with their partner felt that they've bonded.

Let us know below if you train with your partner, and what benefits it's had on your relationship. And if you really want to take things to the next level, why not pick up a couple of 'his and hers' Be An Athlete hoodies as well...cutest gym couple ever!

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