How Green Tea can help you Lose Weight and Stay Healthy

Green tea is absolutely loaded with antioxidants and nutrients, making it one of the healthiest natural beverages available. Regular consumption has been known to improve brain function, weight loss, reduce the risk of cancer and generally help people stay healthy. So next time you’re in your local coffee shop, lounging in your favourite Be An Athlete bottoms and hoody, here’s why you should try ordering a cup of the green stuff!

Green tea has to brewed properly. This is imperative. IMPERATIVE. However, it often isn’t, which is why so many people have taken one sip in the past and immediately disregarded the drink forever more. It’s been compared to seaweed, pond water, battery acid and even the contents of an ash tray, but this needn’t be the case...

How to brew green tea

If properly prepared, green tea should have a lovely, delicate flavour. If it tastes like boiled algae, it’s definitely been over brewed. There are two rules to follow:

1. Don’t use boiled water – this scorches the leaves and turns them bitter. Either stop the kettle before it squeals, or add half an inch of cold water before you pour boiling water in.

2. Don’t squeeze the bag – like we said, the flavour should be delicate. Nothing is delicate about repeatedly thrashing a teabag. Instead, leave it to brew for between 1-2 minutes, and the natural flavours will develop and infuse on their own accord. If it still tastes a little on the natural side, there are some great infused versions to choose from, including pineapple, mango, lychee and cherry blossom, or just add half a spoon of honey. Now let’s look at the benefits...

Improve health 

Green tea is swimming in something called polyphenols that act as powerful antioxidants to help combat free radicals in the body. It is these free radicals that can cause premature ageing, in addition to a variety of diseases.

Enhance brain power 

With less caffeine in it than coffee, it doesn’t cause that ‘jittery’ effect (or coffee breath, for that matter), but can still help block an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain called Adenosine. Basically, this increases the firing of neurons which leads to improved mood, memory and concentration. 

Anti-anxiety effects 

Green tea has an amino acid in it called L-theanine, which has anti-anxiety effects. This, combined with the caffeine, is why the hot drink is known to have such positive effects on the brain. Have a cup before an exam to help calm you down and increase your levels of concentration.

Help you lose weight

Green Tea is known as a thermogenic, as it has been known to boost the metabolism. As the metabolism directly affects the burning of fat, anything the increases your metabolic rate will in effect aid weight loss. It also goes rather well with Chinese...

Cancer fighting 

As mentioned, green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants. These fight the oxidative effect linked with the uncontrolled growth of cells, and several studies have shown how regular consumption can reduce the risk of breast, prostate and colorectal cancer.

Mouth wash 

One of the antioxidants in green tea is catechin. Studies have shown that not only can it kill bacteria and kill viruses including influenza, but is also associated with improved dental health, even reducing bad breath! Plus, it's a lot subtler offering that guy in the office (you know the one!) a cup of green tea than a mint...

Type II Diabetes 

Research has demonstrated how green tea can help to reduce sugar levels in the blood. By helping to improve insulin sensitivity, green tea drinkers can have a far lower risk of developing the disease.

Good for the heart 

Those clever antioxidants have also been known protect the LDL cholesterol particles from oxidisation, in turn preventing a number of cardiovascular diseases including heart stroke.

Bottom line; it’s a lean mean green machine, that not only tastes great (when brewed properly) but has also been shown to provide a number of health benefits. Let us know below which green tea you like best and how you brew it. And if you’re still not convinced, check out our blog on the 10 surprising health benefits of coffee instead...

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