Are you a Spornosexual?

Image of a muscular man posing for the camera, to give an example of the typical spornosexual
Twenty years ago, a new breed of man began to crop up in the metropolis; he sported a perfectly tailored suit, nails manicured within an inch of their life, and a hairdo so coiffed it merited its own flammability warning; he was the metrosexual, a term originated by Mark Simpson in an article published by The Independent on the 15th November 1994, and he glistened with ambition, success, and overpriced moisturiser.  

The Meteoric Rise of the Metrosexual

It was in 2002, when David Beckham was officially outed as the definitive metrosexual, that everyone started to ‘get it.’ This working-class footballer, who always attracted more tabloid attention for the curve of his quiff than the curve of his free kicks, inspired a generation to spend that little bit longer in front of the mirror every morning. Since then, the men’s aisle in boots has only got longer and busier, while 2013 marked the first time in history that men in the UK spent more on shoes than women!

But now dawns the next age of man....

The Evolution of the Metrosexual

Be An Athlete ambassador, Dan Osman, shows off his six-pack in a classic spornosexual image
BAA Ambassador, Dan Osman  - the quintessential spornosexual?

Over the last few years, the metrosexual’s interest in material goods has shifted to a deeper level; the body. Today, men must compete with the photoshopped likes of Christiano Ronaldo and David Gandy, and so it’s no longer enough to flaunt a painstakingly carved chin of designer stubble, but a painstakingly carved set of abs, too. Men want to look equally perfect in and out of their designer clothes, and no amount of chicken, broccoli or protein supplements is going to stop them.

The Awakening of the Spornosexual

‘Spornosexual,’ the latest term coined by Simpson, reflects this new ambition to look like something between a ‘sportsman’ and a ‘pornstar.’ It’s no coincidence, either, that this development coincides with the rise of the social media generation, where immediate self-gratification is literally at one’s fingertips; smash out an explosive crunch session, snap a selfie in the gym mirror, whack a filter on it, and upload it to instagram. People have become celebrities in their own right, and once you’ve received your first 1000 followers, it’s becomes an addiction. 

What do you make of this new term; do you know a spornosexual, are you striving to become a spornosexual, are you already a spornosexual? Let us know in the comment bow below, and if you want to make the transition yourself, the following, muscle-accentuating Be An Athlete T-Shirts are a one way ticket to internet stardom!

Photo credit to Matt Marsh Photography


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