3 Amazing Portable Speakers for your Summer Sounds

Best Portable Speakers Review

Though you might not believe it, summer’s fast approaching, and with it, the prospect of barbeques, trips to the beach, and a fond farewell to vitamin D deficiency. Whatever you’ve got planned, music undoubtedly makes everything better, and this is particularly true where exercise is concerned. A couple of weeks ago, we shared 'The Mixercise,' an ultimate workout soundtrack compiled by your truly, and whilst it sounds amazing through your headphones, it sounds even better blaring out of one of these amazing portable speakers!

For portability...

BassBoomz Portable Bluetooth Speaker

best portable speakers bassboomz

As far as portable speakers go, the new BassBoomz by Bassbuds is available in the widest range of colours in the world, so whichever vest you're wearing from the Be An Athlete Pastel Collection, you’ll be able to match it! Not only that, but it can connect with all Bluetooth enabled devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, as well as non-Bluetooth devices, like MP3 players, via the auxiliary cable included.

The BassBoomz includes a clever twist-lock feature, meaning it can be compressed to smaller, more compact size during transport. This makes it the ideal choice for those who want to carry it around in their handbag or even pocket (cue ‘...or are you just pleased to see me’ jokes), while its solid aluminium construction ensures it’s strong enough to withstand the occasional knock or two.

For durability...

Creative Muvo Mini Speaker

best portable speakers creative muvo

The MUVO Mini Speaker by Creative is the perfect choice for the party animal. As well as being both dust and water resistant, it packs a surprising amount of bass, and lasts for a staggering ten hours between charges!

Like the BassBoomz, it syncs to your device via Bluetooth or an auxiliary cable, and if you’re feeling particularly ‘chillaxed’ by the pool, you can even answer your phone calls through it.

For credibility...

Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker

best portable speakers jawbone jambox

Measuring in at less than an inch thick, the Jawbone Mini Jambox Speaker is built from a single piece of extruded aluminium, specially formulated to deliver incredible sound quality and volume for its size. It’s available in 9 gorgeous shades, and 5 different design options, meaning there’s a combination to suit everyone’s taste.

Though the Jambox is the most expensive of the three we’ve featured, it not only looks the sleekest, but also features the unique ‘Multi Play’ function, whereby you have the option of syncing your device with multiple speakers - pretty handy for a home gym set-up or multiple room functionality!

If you’re looking to revive that eighties ‘ghetto blaster’ street vibe, these portable speakers probably aren’t quite what you’re looking for. But for all other on-the-go music requirements, they’re just about perfect; loud, compact and resilient, without that horrible tinny sound! Let us know in the comment box below where you’d listen to yours...

Title image courtesy of Jawbone


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