How to Look Good in Leggings in only 10 Minutes a Day

About a week ago we posted Phil Learney’s 10 minute T-Shirt Workout and the response was incredible. As such, we thought it only fair that Phil share a similar exercise regime for the ladies – so, while your other half pops out of the room for his 10 minute workout, now you can get fit in that time, too! And with summer upon us, its the perfect time to start looking better than ever in your Be An Athlete leggings

This is a 10 minute circuit and so it’s perfect for those who struggle to find time for the gym. It can be done morning or night, and will help your legs tone up and tighten up.

There are 7 different leg exercises in total, which need to be performed in succession without a break. Once completed, repeat the process from the beginning and before long you should be able to squeeze four circuits within the 10 minute time limit.

The Stance

First things first - as you know, it’s all about getting the position right. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and push out your bottom until you’re in a quarter squat. This is called the ‘athletic set position,’ and should look like a tennis player as they return to centre court – no need for the heavy grunts just yet though...

Exercise 1 - single leg internal knee drop

It might sound complicated, but believe us – it’s not! Already in the position as described above, simply lower one knee inwards until it meets your other leg and then return it back again. Now repeat with the other knee, and continue this alternate pattern, working your inner thigh and calf muscle.

10 Reps with each leg

Exercise 2 - double leg internal knee drops

You guessed it. The same as before, but move each knee inwards towards the other one until they meet in the middle and then return them to the starting position.

10 Reps

Exercise 3 – short side steps

Starting with the 'set' position, step one foot laterally to the side and then return it to the original position. Now repeat with the opposite foot out to the other side. This will work your outer thigh muscle and obliques.

10 Reps with each leg

Exercise 4 – short forward steps

Again, pretty self explanatory. Step forward with one foot, and then bring the other foot in line to meet it. Now step back again with one foot, and bring the other one to meet it so that you have returned to the ‘athletic set position.’ This works your hamstring.

10 Reps

Exercise 5 – waiter bows

Feet hip width apart, place your hands across the chest until your fingers are resting on the opposite shoulder. Bow forward until you can feel your hamstrings stretching. At maximum tension, drive your hips forward to return to an upright position again. In addition to the back of your thighs, this will help tone your glutes.

12-15 Reps

Exercise 6 – bulgarian split squats

Stand in the lunge position, with one leg in front of the other. However, bend your back leg up at the knee and rest your foot upside down on the seat of a chair (or a flat surface of similar height – 6-18’’). Now bend your front knee until the back knee reaches as close to the ground as possible, and return.

12-15 Reps each Leg

Exercise 7 – hip bridges

Time to get on the floor; lying flat, place your hands either side of your hips. Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Now, using your calf and glute muscles, lift your bum off the floor until it forms a straight line downwards from the top of your knees to your head, and then return.

12-15 Reps

And after just 10 minutes exercise, the rest of the day is your own and you’ll enjoy yourself all the more for it. Not only will this help tone your legs but will release some essential endorphins, and if you also follow our beach body diet, you’ll start seeing a difference in no time!

We’d love to hear about your results below; are any of the exercises harder than others? What time of the day do you do it? Have you adapted any of the routines? And to make your new, toned legs look even better, why not pick up a pair of our premium sports leggings, too!

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*As with all exercise/fitness/health regimes always consult your physician first


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