10 Superfoods to Supercharge your Life

Sometimes even the most dedicated gym enthusiast will struggle to see the desired results on their body. This could be because of their diet. As they say, six packs are made in the kitchen, but only if you stock the right ingredients... 

We all know a healthy diet is fundamental when pursuing the body your gym workout deserves, but while there is plenty of healthy food available, there are only a select few that take "healthy" to the next level. Though it might sound like something from a corny school comic, trying to get kids to eat their greens, this couldn't be further from the truth – allow us to introduce to you...the Superfoods!

1. Spinach

While Bruno was no doubt popping steroid after steroid, sensible Popeye stuck to his good ol’ trusty spinach, and who won fair Olive Oyl at the end of the day?

Spinach is rich in nutrients, readily available, relatively cheap, high in energy and low in calories. Sound good? It’s absolutely packed with antioxidants and phytonutrients, which fight free radicals and provide nourishment on a cellular level. What’s more, a typical serving will provide over half your daily requirement of vitamin A, twice your vitamin K requirements and a substantial helping of foliate, too.

2. Salmon 

Okay, perhaps not the cheapest of items, but its high nutritional value more than makes up for the extra cost. If you've ever seen salmon swimming upstream you'll know just how much power they pack into that body. 

Fresh salmon is better from a nutritious angle, as opposed to smoked, and 100g serving contains 9% of your daily vitamin A requirement, 13% of your vitamin B1 requirement, a whopping 20g of protein, 42% of the Niacin your skin desires, and a truck load of Omega 3.

3. Avocado

Again, avocados aren't cheap, but you only need to eat one or two a week to begin reaping the benefits. The most documented benefit of the avocado is its high mono-unsaturated fat content, which actually helps to burn undesirable fats.

It contains carotenoids for healthy eyes, and its slow release of energy helps stabilise your blood glucose levels, preventing peaks and lows in the gym. 100g of avocado will typically contain 10g of mono-unsaturated fat, 16% of your vitamin B6 RDA (which aids your metabolism) and 22% of your daily foliage requirement to help prevent heart disease.

4. Quinoa

More than just a top scoring word for those playing scrabble, quinoa is a high-quality protein devoid of cholesterol or fat. It contains "smart carbs," which are low on the glycemic index and can be processed by your body without being turned into fat.

A single cup serving only contains 1.9g of fat, 10% of your daily foliate requirement, and almost 4.5g of protein.

5. Broccoli 

By now you've probably noticed a strong bias towards greens. Your mother wasn't joking when she insisted you eat them - they really are that good for you!

Though broccoli is probably one of the least liked vegetable (after sprouts, of course), ironically it is one of the best. The trick is just not to cook it to death or smother it in unhealthy sauces. Freshly steamed, it will retain its high nutrient value, and, if you persevere, your pallet will become quite used to it. If not, eat it anyway or your mother will know!

High in fibre, broccoli aids your digestive system and is an excellent source of non-dairy calcium (so one for the vegans). A single serving provides more than your entire vitamin C RDA, 10% of your vitamin B6 (keeping your metabolism strong), 2.6g of fibre, and its high vitamin K content helps keep your bones, eyes and heart in top nick.

6. Almonds

Put down the crisp packet and back away from it slowly with your arms up! Yes, snacking on crisps is a crime… well maybe not, but it should be. A far better wiser choice of snack is almonds, as they help keep up your energy levels between meals but choose raw ones over processed as they won't t have oil or salt added.

100 grand serving of raw almonds will provide 20% of your daily iron recommendation, 21% protein and almost 60% of your vitamin B2 RDA. They also help strengthen your bones and teeth.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are one of the most accessible superfood, as they are easy to cook, high in vitamins and fibre, and rest comfortably between a starch and a vegetable. They are good for your heart and skin, boost your immune system and provide slow release energy throughout the day. They also contain antioxidants which prevent cellular breakdown due to free radicals.

A 100g serving contains almost 4 times the daily recommendation of vitamin A, 33% vitamin C and 2g of protein.

8. Kale

When is spinach not spinach? When it’s kale! Although very similar to spinach in many ways, kale has slightly different benefits. It is becoming particularly popular in smoothies as a way to pack in some sneaky vitamins, and like spinach, it will also fill you up without topping up your calorie count. It is fat free, high in fibre and vitamin K, and its antioxidants reduce the symptoms of inflammation and suppress certain diseases. 

Kale is best purchased in the raw state and a 100g serving will contain double your vitamin A and C RDA, and over 4g of vegetable protein.

9. Watermelon 

Not just a delicious eat on a hot day, watermelon packs a deceptively healthy punch. It provides similar levels of lycopene to tomatoes, which combat heart disease and cancer, while a 100 g serving also contains 11% of your vitamin A RDA and 14% of your vitamin C. But with only 0.1g of fat, you might assume you can eat it the whole day long, however, be warned - it does have a high natural sugar content.

10. Black Beans

Black beans are a great source of antioxidants, and a good carbohydrate to have in your diet as they are digested slowly and thus help to stabilise blood sugar levels - excellent for anyone susceptible to diabetes. High in fibre, they will also help regulate your digestive tract.

A 100 g serving will provide 6% calcium RDA, which is great for those who have issues with dairy products, 8g of non-animal protein, and only 0.3g of fat to help maintain a healthy body weight.

By adding any of these superfoods to your diet, your body will be able to absorb a shed load of extra nutrients and vitamins. Not only can they keep your bones healthy, your digestion in order, and sustain your energy levels, but will also help in maintaining a healthy body weight.

Lets us know which of the above are your favourites and how you slip these ingredients into your daily meals. We've even chosen a few items from the Be An Athlete sportswear range, perfect for your new super healthy body!

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