The London Color Run

On the 28th September, thousands of people will be congregating at the Queen’s Park, London, in order to ‘paint the town red’ like never before. The Color Run, which is often cited as the ‘happiest 5k on the planet,’ will be making a timely return to the city, and promises to be bigger, bolder, and even more colourful than before, so we thought we’d give you a full spectrum of events while there’s still time to get involved.

Hosted by Dulux, the paint company as famous for their colours as they are for that Old English Sheepdog, The Color Run is less about ‘personal bests’ and more about having a great time while also raising money for the Save the Children charity. Since its debut in January 2012, the event is now the largest of its kind on the planet, organising over 100 races every year, with over a million people having taken part in 2013 and 2014.

There are only two rules for participants; wear white at the starting line, and finish plastered in colour. However, with regular paint attacks at every kilometre, it’s pretty difficult not to abide by this second rule, whether you want to or not. And once you are truly doused in colour, there’s the gigantic ‘Color Festival’ to enjoy at the finish line, with live music, dancing, and, yes, the odd, unavoidable paint war! Unforgettable ‘selfies’ are guaranteed, but be warned, while a bag of rice in the airing cupboard might work for water, it certainly won’t save your phone from a paint bomb!

With no winners or official run times, this charity run is all about having fun while celebrating healthiness, happiness and individuality. So if the photos themselves haven’t already sold it to you, check out the official website now. And if you’re feeling inspired by the colourful outfits, but don’t quite fancy being attacked with paint, take a look at the new Be An Athlete Pastel Collection below, offering shades of Sunkist Coral, Cerulean Blue and Aurora Pink!

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