What is Cold Brew Coffee?

The world of caffeinated beverages is incredibly fickle. It doesn't seem all that long ago when baristas across the country were getting into a hot sweat about the new and oh so smooth ‘flat white.’ And before that, iced coffee was all the rage, but as we make room in our hearts for the latest flavour of the month, these drinks must join the likes of lattes, cappuccinos and americanos, as just another...has bean. 

This year, there’s a new boy in town, not only promising an overall sweeter taste, but a more nutritious one, too - Introducing cold brew coffee!

What is cold brew coffee?

In truth, though cold crew coffee is being marketed as a new craze, it actually originates from Japan, when Dutch traders introduced it during the 1600s. But then again, fashion has always been cyclical, so it’s no wonder coffee fads come and go, too. But unlike shell suits, mullets, or in time, the onesie, this fad is here to stay...

Whereas Iced Coffee is purely coffee brewed in the ordinary way, left to cool (if you’re lucky!), and then poured over ice, cold brew coffee changes things from the offset. As soon as the bean is grinded, its steeped in cold water and left for approximately twelve hours. This allows all the natural flavours to infuse, and because the coffee never comes into contact with hot water, it retains more of its nutrients. It's these vitamins, and the fact that coffee can increase the metabolism, that makes it such a popular drink among fitness and gym enthusiasts alike, and so the ability to harness more of this goodness can only be a good thing, right?

How is cold brew coffee different?

Have you ever noticed those swirling, oily substances around the top of your freshly-brewed, hot cup of joe? These undesirable, fatty acids are created when the bean reacts with boiling water, and can give coffee a bitter flavour. However, this is avoided with the cold brew technique, which is why the finished product is often described as having a sweeter and generally smoother taste.

How to make cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee takes time to prepare, which is why it’s often so expensive if you buy it out, but luckily, it’s also incredibly easy to prepare at home, as the following guide will prove.

1. If you own a coffee grinder, grind the beans yourselves. You can, of course, also use pre-grinded beans, but they are less fresh and as such, not as nutritious.

2. Using a 3:1 ratio, combine a third cup of coffee beans, with a full cup of cold water (preferably filtered).

3. Store in either a jug or a cafetière (also known as a French press), seal the top with Cling-film, and place in the fridge for approximately twelve hours.

4. Once removed, if you used a cafetière, lower the plunger. If you stored it by other means, pass the solution through a paper coffee filter, or a muslin-like material.

5. Depending on how serious a coffee fiend you are, dilute to taste with cold water (a 50:50 ratio is recommended).

6. Now serve it as you traditionally would, either over ice, with milk or perhaps with some sort of syrup.

Let us know how your attempts taste in the comment box below, and once you've refined your brew, sit back, relax, and enjoy in your favourite Be An Athlete outfit.

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