5 Things to do Before Every Workout

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could just rock up to the gym, run through your sets, and then leave? Well, obviously you can do this, but unfortunately it won’t produce the most effective results for your time. A few weeks ago, we shared the five things you need to do after every workout, to ensure you get the absolute most out of your fitness routine, but the fun doesn’t stop there! It only seems right that we now share five things to do before your workout, too! 

Establish your workout goal to ensure you achieve it

As with anything in life, being clear about your goals increases your chances of achieving them. Unless you predetermine how far you wish to run on the running machine, or how many reps you want to achieve on the chest press, how do you know when to stop? Is it when you’re tired, fed up, or when that guy starts giving you the eye as if to say ‘times up, Bub!’

By being clear about your goals, whether it’s cutting five seconds of your PB, or pressing an additional 10kg, it adds a purpose to your gym session, and the subsequent feeling of achievement will keep you motivated.

Eat something to fuel your body

You might think it’s best to train on an empty stomach as this will burn more calories, but in fact, this is completely counterproductive. Instead, you will feel drained of energy and are more likely to quit before completing the full workout.
Instead, eat something approximately an hour before your session. Carbohydrates and protein are the order of the day, as this will provide slow release energy in addition to muscle building goodness. Fruit is a popular choice, as is peanut butter on toast – or perhaps try a combination of the two, by chopping up a banana onto your peanut butter. Delicious and nutritious!

Drink water to stay hydrated

As well drinking water throughout your workout, it’s equally important to hydrate your body beforehand, too. Start by trying a glass of water, but tweak the amount you drink depending on the effects. There’s nothing more off-putting than that constant nagging in your head, wondering whether you need to pop to the toilet that one last time.

Make a motivational playlist to keep you pumping

Music can have a direct affect on those adrenaline levels, in addition to providing you with a beat with which to set your pace at. Set a workout specific playlist, as that Barry Manilow classic isn’t helping anyone, and slip your mp3 player into one of our integrated hidden compartments, as featured on both the Be An Athlete leggings and hoodies, to ensure it doesn't get in the way of your air drum solo!

Warm up to avoid muscle damage

A pre-workout warm-up is designed to increase muscle temperature, core temperature and blood flow, which in turn helps to prevent muscle damage. Obviously concentrate on the particular muscle set your intending to work, and spend five minutes working at a low set level, on either the treadmill, bike or rowing machine. Even though it’s tedious, it is better to spend five minutes warming up, than five weeks out of the gym due to a damaged tendon.

What are your pre-workout tips and tricks; a sprig of mint in your trainers? A slice of lemon in your water bottle? The wackier the better, but either way let us know in the comment box below. And as always, we’ve left our secret weapon to last – BAA not only stands for Be An Athlete, but also Before and After, as in before and after your gym sesh! What better motivation could there be than looking and feeling absolutely amazing when you arrive and when you leave?

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