The Be An Athlete 'Black on Black' Look of the Week

You might think we’re mourning the loss of 2014, what with the severe lack of colour in our latest Be An Athlete ‘look of the week,’ but things couldn’t be further from the truth – 2015 is set to be our biggest year yet, and we certainly have a few surprises up our black, black sleeves. The reason we’ve selected the notorious ‘non colour’ with which to start the year, is because black is always ‘the new black.’ It’s timeless, and so when a new year does arrives, and everything’s up in the air, it's always a safe bet.

This premium ‘black on black’ ensemble shows off a more ‘urban-luxe’ side of Be An Athlete, that breaks free from the confines of the gym and escapes onto the street. As usual, we’ve put together a few of our favourite luxury brands in order to create a look which is sleek, contemporary and extremely dangerous to go running in after sundown!

1. Be An Athlete Premium Tracksuit Bottom

Crafted with absolute luxury in mind, the Be An Athlete Premium Tracksuit Bottoms are made from ultra soft, brushed cotton, and feature an elasticated draw cord for increased comfort and mobility. And though the open hem bottoms feature adjustable zips for effortless removal, once you've slipped these bottoms on, it's highly unlikely you'll ever want to slip them off...

2. Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bangle

Sleek and sophisticated, but with a gothic edge, the Alexander McQueen Twin Skull Bangle is made from matt black coated brass with the brand monogram embossed underneath. Dead cool.

3. Givenchy Obsedia Leather Backpack

Backpacks are enjoying a renaissance in the fashion world right now, and there aren't many designs more stylish than this gorgeous offering from Givenchy. Italian craftsmanship, coupled with buttery calf-hide leather, and enough buckles and compartments to ensure you're never jealous of a lady's handbag again!

4. Alexander McQueen Skull Slip-On Sneakers

Like our Premium Bottoms, these sneakers from Alexander McQueen combine comfort and style to great effect.

5. Clothsurgeon Geniunce Python Skin Wallet

Just imagine pulling this bad boy out every time you go to pay for a latté. Finished in genuine python leather (not even your standard adder here!), you'll be burning through your bank balance purely for the opportunity to flaunt it again, and again...and again!

6. Rolex Deepsea 'Predator'

As Christian Bale famously said as Batman, 'does it come in black?' As far as Batmobile Tumblers were concerned, the answer was yes, but had the Dark Knight been asking after a Rolex Deepsea chronometer, it would have been a resounding no. Luckily, the clever guys at Bamford have since produced this customised beauty.

7. Beats by Dre Pro Infinite Headphones

Designed to make your music sound the way it did when originally recorded, these monsters from Dr Dre are for those who take their gym playlist seriously. And if our caped crusader was impressed by the watch, he'd be over the moon with these, as they're also 'practically indestructible,' thanks to an aluminium gunmetal frame.

8. Be An Athlete Leather Premium Cap

Channelling the current 'sports luxe' vibe, the Be An Athlete Leather Premium Cap oozes urban sophistication. And with it's understated 'black on black' branding, it will look just as good with your gym kit as it will with your monkey suit.

9. Be An Athlete Premium Hoodie

You've got the headphones, now you just need the integrated, media player pocket compartment and hidden headphone eyelet. Fortunately, our Premium Hoody has exactly that! It also happens to be insanely comfortable with the luxury brushed cotton composition and double layered hood.

If this week’s ‘black on black’ look is a little too 'all colour absorbing' for you, check out our previous blue and grey feature. Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comment box below...

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  1. Absolutely love this! Especially the Alexander McQueen bangle and Be An Athlete hoodie - winning combination.

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