The Bicycle that folds to the size of an Umbrella

This year, non-pedalling commuters can potentially look forward to a little more elbow room on the tube, while the 'suited and booted' of cyclists will have a new toy to flaunt. Purely a prototype until now, 2015 will see the latest innovation in fold-up bicycles ride out to market; The SadaBike promises to collapse to the size of an umbrella, which is great news for all overcharged travellers alike, but is there a fatal flaw to the design?

Designed by Italian-born inventor, Gianluca Sada, the concept of the SadaBike was first patented back in 2010. Sada viewed the traditional fold-up bike design as lacking stability in favour of its small frame and wheels. He thought that such dimensions penalised the driver’s position, while the size of the wheels meant that they were significantly 'affected by variations in terrain' (though it’s unlikely many Brompton boys suddenly decide to go off-road).  In contrast, his dream was to create a bicycle of ‘standard dimensions’ coupled with the benefits of portability.

In order to achieve this, Sada has incorporated into his design removable, hubless wheels, alongside a clamping device to collapse the frame. These three separate units can then be stored in the associated backpack for convenient transportation.

It certainly looks sleek, with its clean, contemporary chrome construction and contrasting leather details, and to that effect, gives off a premium aesthetic in line with the Be An Athlete mantra. With its umbrella-sized design, there’s even a chance it will fit into your gym locker, but you’ll still have to lug the wheels around with you, and whilst they might make for a quirky alternative to ‘lifting chains,’ herein lays the problem...

The prevailing fold-up bike design might be somewhat cumbersome, but it is quick and efficient. It folds up and that’s that. In contrast, though the SadaBike closes down to an extremely neat and compact size, you are still left with the burden of the tyres. And although it comes with a specific bag in which to carry the various units, we imagine it'll be an incredible fiddly affair, especially on the train,  where there is often little room to breathe, let alone wrestle with two wheels and a bike frame, and do you really want to handle wet, muddy, and possibly even worse covered tyres while wearing a suit, or even, dare we say it, your Be An Athlete Premium Tracksuit?

Though a great idea in theory, we fear the SadaBike might struggle to take off without first solving the problems of its tyres. However, if you only cycle from home to work, and don't mind getting your hands dirty, then its sleek, stylish composition might be perfect for you.

Got an opinion on the SadaBike, or cycling commuters in general? Then jump on your soapbox and leave a comment below! And if the prospect of a premium tracksuit spun your wheels, why not check out the Be An Athlete luxury sportswear collection, too?

Images courtesy of Sada Bike

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