The Be An Athlete Ambassador Program

The time has finally arrived. In the upcoming weeks, we will be recruiting the first wave of official Be An Athlete Ambassadors. So tense that torso, mop that brow, stand up, and be counted. 

In April, it will be Be An Athlete’s official second birthday, and as such, it’s high time we start spreading the good word to those as yet unfamiliar with our ways. We are looking for individuals, who share our mantra and beliefs, to represent us in the field. If you advocate a fit and healthy lifestyle, and promote the virtues of greatness in a role such as a strength coach or personal trainer, then you might well be exactly what we’re looking for. And if you've already sported the BAA emblem in the past, then all the better...

We believe athletes are people that uphold greater principals in life; they take their abilities, both physical and mental, and apply it to what they believe in, stand for, and strive for. Be An Athlete is about the pursuit of excellence in yourself.

The 'Wear Premium, Train Premium' Campaign - Olly Foster pulls a Lamborghini through Mayfair

We pride ourselves on producing garments that reward hard work – our couture cuts accentuate the body you’ve dedicated all those hours carving out in the gym. BAA stands for Be An Athlete, but it also lends itself equally well to the term ‘before and after,’ and that’s exactly what we’re about; turn up to the gym looking amazing, and leave it feeling amazing. But this year, we’re embarking on a journey that leads us to performance wear, too. Things are about to get exciting, and we want you on board for the ride.

This unique opportunity will involve product photo shoots, the testing of future prototypes, and exclusive promotional privileges. So, if you believe you’ve got what it takes, and would like to be considered for the first ever squad of ambassadors – pioneers, if you will – send an email to with your name, field of expertise and why you feel you'd make a great brand ambassador.

We’re expecting you.

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