Men’s Summer Footwear Round-up

Ok, so you’re not a sneaker’s guy. You absolutely hate sandals. And we shouldn’t even get you started on the abhorrence otherwise known as the flip flop. This being the case, what should you wear with a pair of shorts this summer? 

The following seven items of footwear don’t fall into any of the above categories, and yet are a perfect option for the warmer months (should we get any, that is!). Introducing the look of SS16 – the Slip-On...

Paul Smith Marconi Red Acid Jungle Print Plimsolls


Though ‘jungle print’ by name, these shoes would definitely look more at home worn by the poolside, sipping jungle juice, than in a jungle, itself. However, with a leather lining and cushioned foot bed, they’re certainly a perfect choice to slip into after a hard day trekking through the wilderness.

Lyle and Scott Cally Mesh Plimsolls


Plimsolls have come a long way since those dap-like things you had to wear in P.E at school, as proven by this striking pair from Lyle and Scott. Understated sophistication in footwear form, they’re finished in an aluminium grey canvas, beautifully contrasted with a gum brown undersole.

What’s more, Lyle and Scott are currently holding a competition, offering you the chance to win two tickets to the British Open 2015 at St Andrews – check it out here!

Gucci Striped Slip On Sneakers

Nothing says summer like a bit of maritime print, and no one does maritime like Gucci. These gorgeous, nautically striped, Italian crafted, slip-ons boast leather trim, a chunky rubber sole, and are finished with the brand’s signature anchor crest. Now, where did I park my yacht?

Rivieras Cotton Mesh Slip-On Shoes


A tasteful nod to 50’s Parisian style, these cotton mesh slip-on shoes by French brand, Riviera, perfectly bridge the gap between formal and informal. With a breathable upper, and a resilient rubber sole, they’re most certainly the shoe of choice for those seeking foreign adventure this summer.

Polo Ralph Lauren Mytton Floral Slip On Trainers


With trainers as tropical as this, who needs to go on holiday? But if you do still insist on warmer climates, Ralph has kindly inserted elasticated gussets to provide increased comfort as you trudge from tourist site to tourist site. The question is, will your camera will facing up at the landmark in question, or down at your ridiculously 'instagrammable' shoes?

Dune Turbo Blue Slip On Trainer


Woven means summer. It’s a fact of life. Accept it. Not only does it look great, as proven by this pair by Dune, but also creates a wonderfully breathable material.

Converse Chuck Taylor Slip On Trainers


A timeless classic, the ‘Chuck Taylor’ converse design has remained largely unchanged since its initial release in 1917. However, the look has been slightly modernised with this new slip-on shape, featuring an eslaticated fit, along with purely decorative metal gussets. And though there’s probably better shoes for playing basketball in these days, there certainly isn’t a better choice when it comes laid-back, no-nonsense summer fun.

So that’s your holiday footwear sorted! Now for the rest of the wardrobe: As they say, ‘sun’s out, gun’s out,’ so whack on a torso-defining, Be An Athlete vest and start selling tickets to that cannon display!


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