The BAA End of Season Sale

Despite the fact that it feels as if summer ended aeons ago (if you can even call it summer!), officially the 31st August marks the end of the warmer season. As such, we’ve launched our ‘End of Season’ sale, and as always, it’s safe to say we’re not messing around!

What’s Next?

As with any end of season sale, the astute among you will realise that a new collection must be on the horizon, and you’d absolutely right.  We’ve listened closely to your feedback over the last year or so, and fed that directly into the new range, so many thanks for your all your help! We’re over the moon with the end result, and can’t wait to share it with you all, but more on that soon! For now, back to the sale...

So, what’s the offer? 

While stocks last (and we can assure you, that won’t be long!), we’re offering a gargantuan 40% off EVERYTHING! And no, that wasn’t a typo. So head over to the website now, bag yourself an absolute bargain, and treat that body of yours to some luxury sportswear – it’s earned it!

And here's a little inspiration to get you started....


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