3 Amazing Homemade Beauty Regimes, Courtesy of your Kitchen

You know how it is; you’ve thoroughly washed your hair, rinsed all the lather out, prepare yourself for a Herbal Essence advert-esque moment of shower-based ecstasy,  and reach for the conditioner bottle, when – shock, shock, horror, horror – you realise it's completely empty! Who the hell would put the empty bottle back anyway? Even if it was more than likely you, now’s no time to point fingers. If you don’t get some conditioner on that hair pronto, things are going to get...ugly.  

If this typically happens to you, or is in fact happening to you RIGHT-THIS-MOMENT, fear not, for help is at hand! Today, we shed light on three home-made beauty regimes, the ingredients of which are almost guaranteed to be in your kitchen at this very minute, which could help save you from certain death. Well, perhaps not quite certain death, but you get the point.

1. Banana Conditioner

From preventing constipation, to providing an excellent canvas for biro-based doodles, is there anything those yellow clad beauties can’t do? They’ve even been known to double up as a rather effective doorstop, but returning to the subject in hand, with their high potassium and natural oil content, they also make for a perfect hair conditioner, too!

Simply mash a banana up, massage it into your locks, and let the magic happen for approximately twenty minutes.

2. Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub

Forget Dead Sea minerals. This really is nature’s best kept secret, hence the reason you haven’t heard about it until now. Mix together half a cup of honey (manuka, if you've got it), with half a cup of brown sugar, and throw in a tablespoon of olive oil for good measure. Now start working it into your face. Not only will it help to exfoliate your skin and unclog your pores, but the nutrient-dense honey will also provide some vital antioxidants. You’ve never had it easier, or tastier!

3. Beer, Egg and Lime Face Mask

As painful as it might seem, wasting a beer on your face and not on your liver, your average amber brew contains a powerful combination of B vitamins and yeast. This helps to dissolve dead cells and increase skin elasticity and luminosity, while the wedge of lime will not only have you craving a Corona faster than you can say 'ariba ariba,' but will also help to clear pores and fade brown spots. As for the egg, it makes for a lovely creamy consistency.

Simply mix together one egg white, half a cup of beer (what you do with the other half is your prerogative), and two tablespoons of lime juice. Slather it on, and rinse off after ten minutes. You’ll never want to drink another beer again.

And there you have it; three amazing homemade beauty regimes. If you know any others, we’d love to hear them! Though before we try anything, we will conduct a little research ourselves – it’s not that easy to get, ahem, egg on our face.


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