How Wearing Black Will Make You Immediately Sexier!

Black’s always been cool. You know it - I know it. And it doesn't matter if it's Darth Vader, Neo, James Bond or Batman, there’s just something about that non-colour which simply oozes style and sophistication. But though we've always known this to be true in our hearts, one company has now backed this instinct up with cold hard statistical fact, which is perhaps what Superman was waiting for all along! (blue, pfft, what the hell was he thinking!?)


The company in question, an online t-shirt brand, recently surveyed thousands of customers, and guess what, black came out on top for nearly every single character trait. Let’s take first dates and interviews, for example. Which colour do you reckon evokes most confidence? That would be black. And the least? Well, let’s just say that Clown Fish need to try harder than most, and it's not because of their snazzy white stripes!


As for attractiveness (which, admit it, is really why you’re reading this article), individuals generally favour those wearing colours that they themselves feel most confident wearing. No prizes for guessing where this is going. Not only do people think black makes other people look more confident, but both sexes also feel most confident wearing black themselves, too, meaning it's definitely your best bet when you're on the prowl!


Now onto arrogance. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance as far as personality's concerned, but luckily things are a little more clean cut when it comes to your wardrobe. While black suggests confidence in an individual, most participants chose red as the colour that most projected arrogance, and white as the most humble of colours to wear. Good ol' Jesus.


Is intelligence sexy? Well it must be, as once again good old black came out on top. And despite Rees Witherspoon’s best attempts in the Legally Blond films, pink scored lowest in this category.

You can read the full article here, but to conclude, you basically cannot go wrong with black. It's sexy and intelligent, and unlike it’s arrogant counterpart, red, it stays on the right side of confident. Luckily for you, black features rather dominantly across the BAA Clothing collection, and as we're currently offering 40% off the entire range in our end of season sale, what exactly are you waiting for? 



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