Look Instantly Taller with these 5 Style Tips

As Shakespeare famously quipped, clothes make the man. And by and large, it rings very true, as demonstrated by our previous article whereby recent research suggested that black can make people appear more attractive, while red can make them look arrogant. In line with this, today we’re sharing five style tips and tricks that can help you appear immediately taller, and, despite the current resurgence of seventies fashion, there isn't a pair of platform shoes in sight! 

1. Wear one colour

Probably not what you want to hear if you moonlight as a professional clown, but monochromatic outfits streamline the body, which in turn gives the impression of height as it doesn’t break up the vertical line eyes naturally follow.

Wearing multiple shades of the same colour has the same effect, which just so happens to be a huge trend this season, while the darker the colour is, the taller you’ll look!

2. Make sure your clothes fit!

Wearing clothes that actually fit is important regardless of whether you want to look tall or not, but a well fitted outfit has the added benefit of making you look taller, as again it streamlines the body.

3. Stripe it up

Vertical stripes give the illusion of height, as the lines follow one’s natural path of sight. As the saying goes, people look you ‘up and down’ - make it easy for them to do so!

4. Small accessories 

If you are going to accessorise it up, keep details small and subtle. Whilst you might think a gigantic belt buckle detracts from your height, all it actually does is break that line of sight we keep banging on about.

5. Tuck it in

Although the current style does dictate you wear your tee somewhere down by your knees, unfortunately this won’t do anything for your physical stature, and will make your legs look incredibly disproportioned. Instead, try to ensure your top half finishes in line with your hip bone, otherwise, listen to your old headmaster and 'tuck that shirt in!'

Whether it’s wearing an extra insole or gelling your hair a la Jedward, jot down your best tips for looking taller in the comment box below!


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