The Foot Locker #DontGoUnnoticed Trainer Campaign

The holidays are drawing to an end. So if you’ve been living in blissful, stress-free, late morning ignorance for the last couple of weeks, then apologies for dropping that clanger on you. But it’s time to face reality. So, whether it’s school, college or even the office that you’re making an untimely return to, it’s always nice to make an entrance, and that’s exactly what Foot Locker’s new #DontGoUnnoticed campaign is all about.

It’s one thing walking back into the office with a fresh pair of kicks on, but entirely another walking in, nay, sauntering in with the very latest style the world of footwear fashion has to offer. And you've got the Foot Locker buying team to thank for that. They've spent the last couple of months studying all manner of charts and patterns, not to mention the movements of the sun, moon and planets, in order to predict what will be the absolute hottest sneaker trend of Autumn 2015, and it's safe to say they were bang on!

So ‘what’s black and white, and red all over?’ Until now, the answer to this riddle (assuming you were savvy enough!) would have been ‘newspaper,’ but going forward, ‘the AW15 Trainer Trend’ would be a more accurate, and indubitably cooler answer. And it's these three colours (or two colours and a shade, if you’re one of those ‘black isn’t a real colour’ advocates) that the #DontGoUnnoticed campaign comprises of, with updated styles from the likes of Nike, adidas, Jordan, Vans, PUMA and Converse.

The Black Trend

The triple black, or #blackonblack trend has continued to gather momentum this past year, and is the perfect way to make an understated statement as we enter the autumnal months. The market leaders have dropped the multiple colourways that dominated summer, and have focused on producing stealth silhouettes, with greater attention to design, texture and fabric.

Foot Locker's collection showcases exclusive designs from the adidas Xeno range - which we covered earlier this year – including the ludicrously sleek ZX Flux; seemingly an entirely black trainer, the material bursts into a dazzling display of oil slick-like, iridescent colour when viewed through a lens. But if light-reflective technology isn’t a bit of you, there’s surely something else to please the eye, with revised styles in the form of the Nike Flystepper 2K3’s, the Converse Camo Jacquards and the Puma R698’s.

The Red Trend

Foot Locker are also championing the 'all red' trend, and not solely (scuse the pun!) for the fact that black and red looks absolutely great together in campaign imagery.

The craze has gone from strength to strength since last year’s Yeezy Red Octobers (surprisingly not designed in collaboration with Sean Connery), and if the popularity of the the black tracksuit/red sneaker combo on instagram is anything to go by, then the trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

The Nike Hyperfr3sh (another exclusive!) look particularly dangerous, while the adidas Tubular Straps are absolutely guaranteed to shut your instagram feed down!

So, are you on the red side or the black side?  Let us know in the comment box below, or take the argument onto twitter using the hashtag #DontGoUnnoticed, and if you’re looking for the perfect, aforementioned black tracksuit, so that your red sneaks really pop off, then look no further....


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